Monica Vandevar

Monica Vandevar is originally from Miami, but moved to Orlando after law school and stayed up north for another 7 years after law school. She decided to migrate south more permanently, wanting professional/personal growth and wanting to be closer to home. It didn’t take Monico long to realize that Steinger, Greene & Feiner was the right fit for her and she has been welcomed into the family whole-heartedly!

Monica has been working in PI since she was 17 years old.  and has had almost every job you can imagine in the personal injury field from receptionist, to legal assistant, to firm administrator. Her experience as a personal injury attorney is only helped by knowing every single aspect of the process from start to finish.

Monica loves helping people and seeing her clients feel better after their treatment.  The goal is to get her clients back into the shape they were in before the accident and it makes her feel great if they recover and if she can get them justly compensated as well.  She has been humbled by the fact that clients consider her to be part of their circle of friends/family after she handles their cases – and Monica has even stayed in touch with many clients. She says it’s humbling to see how many lives she’s impacted by just simply doing her job.

On a personal note, her parents are Iranian immigrants that fled from Iran in 1969. Monica’s father came to NYC w/ 2 suitcases and $200 in his pocket and slept in the streets for 2 weeks before getting 2 jobs as a dishwasher.  After much struggle, her father became a manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken and was there for 30 years before he retired at 55.  He made sure he worked his butt off to be able to put Monica, her sister, and her brother through school.  Because of her parents, Monica’s sister is a doctor, and her brother and I are both lawyers.  She wouldn’t be where she is today without her parents and she says she is grateful to them for that.

When it comes to her passion for personal injury law, Monica says she kind of fell into it.  She remembers meeting an attorney who handles Fair Debt/Collection claims and she asked her how she got into that niche section of the law.  Her answer was “you don’t choose the law, the law chooses you.”  That hit Monica like ton of bricks and really stuck with her. It has shown her that doing personal injury and fighting for the injured is what she was chosen to do.

Bar Admissions:

  • Florida 2004


  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, FIU 2006
  • Juris Doctor, St. Thomas LawSchool of Law 2013

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Monica Vandevar


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