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As plaintiff personal injury lawyers, we take pride in the work we do exclusively for individuals, not big business. We work tirelessly to achieve the greatest possible recoveries for each of our clients and their families, and best of all, our clients pay us nothing until we win for them.

Below is a list of just a few of the thousands of settlements and awards we have won on our clients’ behalf to date – amounts are before attorney fees and medical cost deductions. Attorney fees and medical costs are covered by the settlement or award won – this means if we don’t win a settlement or verdict for you, you pay us nothing. Naturally, every case and every client is unique, as are the results we obtain – clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results in each case.

  • $1.4 Million

    For a client who suffered a neck injury in a car accident and endured pain and suffering that affected her ability to work and to play with her grandchildren…

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner Wins $1.37 Million for Client Who Suffered Neck Injury In Car Accident

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner firm partner Neil Anthony and attorney Concetta Camacho are a powerhouse injury attorney team like no other. Their hard work and determination for a case that began in 2016 has resulted in a positive outcome for a client who was told her “pain was subjective and that nothing was preventing her from returning to work” even after many surgeries.

    Neil Anthony and Concetta Camacho refused to accept this judgment, and they set out to ensure that their client got every, single, penny for her very objective pain.

    In a recent West Palm Beach personal injury case, a Steinger, Greene & Feiner client was awarded $1,371,000 for injuries sustained from a car accident that left her with neck injuries.

    On Feb. 27, 2016, our client: Lisa Collins, 55, a nurse, was driving an SUV eastbound on Jones Loop Road, near its intersection with Taylor Road in Punta Gorda. Gloria Anderson was driving westbound, approaching the same intersection.

    Ms. Anderson attempted to turn left onto Taylor Road. Her vehicle struck the side of Ms. Collin’s client’s SUV.

    Ms. Collins only contacted Steinger, Greene & Feiner a few days after the accident when she began to feel pain and discomfort in her neck. Like many of our clients, Ms. Collins only felt the effects of the accident a few days later after the adrenaline, inflammation, and swelling began to subside.

    This is common. We always advise clients to call when they begin to experience pain. The sooner the better but never dismiss the pain. Ms. Collins did the right thing and called us.

    She claimed injuries to her neck and contact us to sued Ms. Anderson. She claimed that Ms. Anderson was negligent in the operation of her vehicle.

    Ms. Collins was diagnosed with herniations of her C4-5, C5-6- and C6-7 intervertebral discs and required two anterior cervical discectomies and fusions, she also underwent physical therapy before and after each of these procedures and received an occipital nerve block injection in October 2018.

    But the defense maintained that all she deserved was a check for the damage to her car and nothing else… When we heard this, we sprang into action to fight for our client. A check for damages to her car and nothing else is just not good enough. Ms. Collins has suffered.

    Thanks to the hard work by Neil Anthony and Concetta Camacho and their team, a jury awarded Lisa Collins $1,371,000 for past and future medical expenses, past and future lost earnings, and damages for her past and future pain and suffering.

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner asked the jury to award her that amount, and that was their verdict.

    Our attorneys are never scared to take a personal injury case as far as it needs to go, especially if it means getting a client every penny they deserve. Read more of our personal injury and car accident case results here.

  • $13 Million

    For a client who suffered many life-changing injuries after being struck by an automobile while on their bicycle in an accident.

  • $11.5 Million

    For a client who lost a loved one after a terrible automobile accident claimed their life and changed the family forever.


  • $11.1 Million

    For a client who was hit while riding their motorcycle and dragged by an intoxicated driver for more than 200 feet, suffering multiple injuries as a result…

    An individual was drinking at The Eagles Lodge for 11 hours, left the bar and pulled into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist dragging him for 200 feet and left him for dead in the road. Okeechobee County sheriff’s office found the drunk driver at his house 2 hours later and upon inspection of his vehicle found our clients glove between the brake line and the frame of his truck. After a blood draw his BAC was a .221. Our client suffered multiple broken bones and a massive brain injury. The Eagles Lodge continued to serve the drunk driver for 11 continuous hours. Furthermore, The Eagles Lodge knew their member was a habitual alcoholic but continued to serve him drinks and leave on his own accord. On May 16th at 4:15pm, the jury handed down a verdict for our client and his wife of more than $11.1m, making this the largest verdict ever in Okeechobee County.

  • $8.2 Million

    For a truck driver injured on the job and unable to work his regular hours and support his family after suffering physical injuries…

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner Partners Sean Greene and Alfred Bell took this case to trial and a Jury Verdict was reached on December 18th, 2018.

    In the early morning hours of October 4, 2018, our client was on his way home from work and was rear-ended on the Florida Turnpike by the Defendant’s wrecker truck.  His car was declared a total loss.  Before the crash, the client was a professional driver working up to 60 hours per week, including the loading and unloading of the tractor-trailers that he drove and able to repeatedly bend, twist, climb and lift up to 50 pounds.  Despite undergoing both neck and back surgeries, he remains unable to work in any capacity.

    On December 18, 2018, the Jury of the Circuit Court of the 19th Judicial Circuit in and for St. Lucie County, Florida found the total amount of our client’s damages for pain and suffering, disability, physical impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, inconvenience, aggravation of a physical defect and loss of his capacity to enjoy his life sustain in the past and the be sustained in the future to be worth $8,197,303.49.

  • $5.5 Million

    For a man injured in a shooting during a Halloween party that could have been prevented has the landlord or company hired security…

    Florida Man Awarded $5.5 Million Over Halloween Stripper Party Shooting

    A Florida man had the worst Halloween ever when he was shot during a Halloween party in 2011, but after suing over poor security, he can buy all the trick-or-treat candy his heart desires.

    The man, who was never identified, luckily hired the powerhouse law firm, Steinger, Greene & Feiner, who emerged victorious after being awarded $5.5 million by a jury following a 4-day trial last month.

    The lawsuit was against the landlord, tenant and company who threw the 2011 party and accused them of being negligent for not providing proper security measures.

    The party went down at a Miami Gardens strip mall, and featured stripper poles and tons of fun before gunfire rang out and ended the party. The victim was struck by two bullets, but luckily survived.

    His lawyers, Michael Steinger and Michael Feiner, explain “The wounds were life altering, bullets shattered his elbow and more severely penetrated his spine.”

    The firm says, “The bullet remained in the Plaintiff’s spinal cord for two years, until he underwent a risky surgery to have it successfully removed. However, he still suffers from many physical ailments as a result of his injuries.”

  • $1.3 Million

    For a group of men who were injured in a Chipotle Mexican Grille when the chain failed to maintain proper safety standards…

    $1.35 M Jury Verdict After Slip and Fall at Popular Mexican Grille

    WEST PALM BEACH – Neil Anthony and Michael Shiver of Steinger, Greene, & Feiner law firm obtained a $1.35 million verdict for a victim after showing the food chain, Chipotle Mexican Grille, was negligent in failing to repair a roof leak which ultimately lead to the victim’s injuries.

    In May, 2012, the store manager noticed the water pooling in the customer que area. He found the floor to be extremely slippery, mopped, and then verified the area was dry.

    The following day, the manager found a puddle in the same area, purportedly caused by rainfall. He contacted the corporate office citing  safety concerns and requested expeditious repair. He continued to follow up with corporate for weeks, noting the rusted window frame and continued puddles. He then placed a yellow ‘caution’ sign near the window to warn customers. By mid-June, 2012 Chipotle’s corporate office had not facilitated the repair.

    Customer, enters the eatery for lunch on June 15th. walks into the crowded store, past the sign, gets to the order station, and begins placing her order. She moves further left to see the toppings, slips, and falls backwards, landing on her back, and striking her head on the concrete floor. At that time, the manager says, “I knew something like this was going to happen.”

    The customers injuries include a concussion, whiplash, herniated disks, and chronic ongoing pain which culminated in a three level fusion of her spine.

    After a seven day trial, the jury returned their verdict finding future damages and treatments will be long-term and were easily preventable had Chipotle kept their floors dry.

    “Establishments have a responsibility to patrons to ensure a safe environment,” says founding firm partner, Michael Steinger. “The jury in this case sent a clear message that that sort of negligence cannot be tolerated.”

    About Steinger, Greene & Feiner:

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner is a proven legal team whose number one goal is to get injury victims every dollar they truly deserve for their injuries. Since 1997, the firm has successfully handled thousands of cases including: auto accidents, bicycle accidents, birth injuries, product liability and catastrophic cases. The entire team is committed to representing and fighting for victims’ best interests, giving each client insight into their individual rights as it relates to the law.

    With more than 30 lawyers, 140 legal professionals, and offices throughout South Florida – Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Port St Lucie, Okeechobee, Ft Myers, Orlando and Tampa, the firm is ready to advocate for the best interests of injury victims coast-to-coast while offering the No Fee Guarantee®; you don’t owe us any money unless we get money for you.

  • $1.1 Million

    For the largest slip and fall verdict in Florida when a man broke his neck due to the negligence of a condominium landlord…

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner Wins Largest Slip and Fall Verdict in Florida for 2017

    Recently, a verdict of $1,010,665.28 won by the attorneys at Steinger, Greene & Feiner was recognized as the largest trip and fall verdict in Florida in 2017, according to TopVerdict.com.

    In 2015, our client was walking outside of his condominium building in Jupiter and tripped over a garden hose, falling forward onto pavement and landing on his knees. In an attempt to break the fall, 55-year old Peter Bonacci put out his hands. However, he wasn’t successful in breaking his fall, and he ended up spraining his wrist and snapping his neck. He needed surgery on his right knee and spine to remedy his injuries.

    After the ordeal, Bonacci hired Steinger, Greene and Feiner to represent him and file a lawsuit on his behalf. The attorneys, Alfred Bell Jr., Timothy Vannatta and Sean Greene, claimed the maintenance company for the condominium building, Fresh Start BSC Inc., failed to properly warn residents of the potential hazard of the hose, which was camouflaged by the dark pavement and shaded portico.

    Fresh Start argued that they did provide proper warning by using cones and signs around the work area. Further, they argued that Bonacci fell due to his own negligence, and the extent of his injuries were caused by a fall in 2003.

    The case came down to photo evidence. Bonacci took photos of the scene about one minute before his ambulance arrived. These photos showed the hose being picked up by a Fresh Start employee, and showed no evidence of any signs or cones. By showing the timestamps and other “metadata” from these photos, it was proven Fresh Start was at fault for Bonacci’s injuries.

    “What that photo shows you is that there are no signs or warnings,” Attorney Sean Greene said. “That’s how we pieced the case together. This photo is the smoking gun.”

    After seven days of trial, Bonacci was awarded over $1 million in damages by the jury:

    • $264,510.28 for past medical expenses
    • $146,155 for future medical expenses
    • $300,000 for past pain and suffering, mental anguish, etc.
    • $300,000 for future pain and suffering, mental anguish, etc.

    Palm Beach Circuit Judge Edward L. Artau also granted Bonacci’s motion to determine entitlement to attorney fees, which could result in another $1.5 million being awarded.

    Recently, this verdict of $1,010,665.28 was recognized as the largest trip and fall verdict in Florida in 2017, according to TopVerdict.com.

    If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property due to the owner’s actions or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the West Palm Beach premises liability attorneys at Steinger, Greene & Feiner today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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  • $1.4 Million

    For a client after convincing a jury that the injuries they suffered as a result of an 18-wheeler truck U-turn gone wrong affect their ability to play with their children…

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner, P.A. attorneys Alejandro Garcia and Todd Baker were successful in winning a $1.475 million verdict for a father who can no longer play basketball and enjoy other activities with his son after two tractor trailer trucks collided in an accident in Collier County. Collier County, which is largely considered one of the most conservative counties in Florida, makes the verdict that much more significant.

    The firm’s client, Octavio Naranjo, was making a U-turn in his 14-wheeler, when the Defendant, Yosbani Cuesta, who was in an 18-wheeler and driving too fast to stop in time, ran the red light and crashed into his vehicle. Mr. Naranjo suffered lumbar injuries and underwent a laminectomy at L4-L5. The plaintiff’s argued he would need significant future care for multiple cervical and lumbar herniations. The defense argued Mr. Naranjo could not have completed the U-turn in his truck and was at fault for putting himself in the path of the defendant’s vehicle who had a green light.

    Through a recreation of the U-turn in an exemplar tractor trailer, Garcia and Baker, through their expert accident reconstructionist, were able to successfully argue to the jury that the defendant was liable and that he was lying about many facts to attribute fault to the plaintiff. After a four day trial before Collier County Judge James Shenko, a jury awarded $195,000.00 in medical expenses, $455,000.00 in lost wages and $825,000.00 in pain and suffering to Mr. Naranjo on March 24.

    Case: Octavio Naranjo v. Yosbani Cuesta
    Case no.: 11-2014-CA-001587-0001-XX
    Plaintiff’s Firm: Steinger, Greene & Feiner, P.A.
    Defense Firm: Kubicki Draper

  • $250,000

    For a client who immigrated to the United States and was then rear-ended in an automobile accident that caused disc herniation and severe pain…

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner attorney Howard Weitzner successfully obtained a $250,000 settlement for a client who is a 29 year-old Russian immigrant and self-employed entrepreneur, was rear-ended at high speed. His car was declared a total loss. He was taken to the emergency room later that day by a friend, and thereafter began a short course of conservative therapy. An MRI revealed a large cervical disc herniation and he then underwent an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion in early March. He reported almost immediate relief in his neck pain and numbness in his arms and hands and is expected to make a full recovery.