Case Results

Auto Accident


Our client was in an accident with a car that illegally entered oncoming traffic.

Slip & Fall


A commercial shelf at a convenience store fell, trapping our client underneath it.

Semi-Truck Accident


Our client was driving on the highway and was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler.

Ride Share Accident


Our client was a passenger in a Ride Share vehicle that was struck by another car.

Auto Accident


Our client was hit by a driver who ran a red light.

Auto Accident


Our client was rear-ended while stopped in traffic.

More Case Results:

Case TypeSummary
$1.2MAuto AccidentOur client suffered from a traumatic Brain Injury due to another person’s negligent driving.
$1.2MAuto AccidentOur client was cut off while driving, causing them to hit a pole and drive into a body of water.
$467KSemi-Truck AccidentWrongful Death
$100KScooter AccidentOur client was struck by a car exiting a Costco parking lot.
$1MSlip & FallOur client slipped and fell at an indoor trampoline park.
$507KAuto AccidentOur client was stopped at a red light and rear-ended by a tow truck.