Steven Sheinfeld

Steven Sheinfeld


Steven Sheinfeld came to Steinger, Greene & Feiner with more than two decades of legal experience. Steven has spent his entire career providing legal representation to individuals harmed by defective products, automobile accidents, dangerous premises and other top causes of bodily injury.

After a stint representing clients in criminal court during law school, he began his professional career at a firm that represented victims and consumers seeking compensation for injuries. He then moved on to run his own law practice for 15 years, handling thousands of injury cases before joining Steinger, Greene & Feiner.

Steven has a distinguished professional and academic history. He earned his B.A. in Communications and Journalism at the University of Hartford, where he was a member of several prestigious honor societies. During his undergrad years, he also took an active role in student government and acted as the ombudsman, helping to resolve issues that arose between students and faculty. He subsequently earned his J.D. from the St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Florida.

Steven’s trial experience dates back to his time at St. Thomas. As a participant in the Broward County Certified Legal Intern Program, he actively tried criminal cases within the Broward County Court System. He also worked as a law clerk for a federal criminal defense attorney. After earning his law degree, his focus shifted to personal injury litigation and he has handled thousands of cases from pre-suit to trial.

Today Steven continues to represent victims in automobile collision, defective product and premises liability claims.


• University of Hartford (B.A.)
• St. Thomas University School of Law (J.D.)

Bar Admissions:

• Florida bar
• United States District Court- Southern District of Florida

Case One:

Mr. Sheinfeld represented the victim of a tragic vehicle collision caused by a distracted motorist. The driver, who had recently been released from prison, was talking on his cell phone when he made a turn in front of Mr. Sheinfeld’s client. Although traveling at the posted limit of just 40 miles per hour, Mr. Sheinfeld’s client T-boned the offender’s car and suffered serious injuries to her knee, neck and elbow.

She was forced to undergo surgery on all three areas at considerable expense and pain. The distracted driver’s insurance company attempted to disclaim responsibility, indicating that the victim’s age and prior medical conditions meant that her injuries had not been caused by the accident. The insurer further argued that the driver shouldn’t be covered under the policy as a result of his undisclosed status as a convicted felon. The insurer offered a settlement of $15,000 but Mr. Sheinfeld represented his client vigorously throughout a case that lasted 4 ½ years, including 2 ½ years in litigation. In the end, the client received just under $1 million, which made it possible for her and her daughter to start a new life in North Carolina.

Case Two

Mr. Sheinfeld represented the victim of a tragic machine accident. The victim was a young woman attending classes at Sheridan Vocational Technical School in Hollywood, Florida. The instructor of one class required that all students utilize safety equipment, including safety gloves, at all times while operating in-class machinery. Signs were posted throughout the classroom to remind students of this requirement.

Mr. Sheinfeld’s client was in compliance with this requirement when using a metal rolling machine. Unfortunately, the tip of one of the gloves became caught in the machine’s roller. The woman’s hand was pulled into the machine and she lost three fingers. In addition to considerable pain, she also experienced emotional distress when her young children called her a monster each time they saw her damaged hand.

An investigation into the incident conducted by Mr. Sheinfeld revealed that the machine’s operating instructions warned that gloves should never be worn while the machine was operating. Mr. Sheinfeld took action on behalf of his client and litigated the case against the Broward County School System. The victim received the maximum in compensation available under Florida’s Sovereign Immunity Cap, and her husband and two children also received the maximum available compensation.

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