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Florida Rideshare Accident Attorney

In 2009, the first ridesharing service was born when “UberCab” landed in San Francisco. It offered a revolutionary way to get around town by allowing local drivers to earn a quick buck without going through all the hoops to become a taxi operator. Since then, Uber has spread out to 570 cities (and counting) throughout the world.

A few years later, Lyft broke into the market by offering more competitive pay and other features for drivers, and now operates in more than 300 cities across the United States. Other companies have tried to enter into the market, but Uber and Lyft remain the top ridesharing options for Floridians.

Throughout the country, including in multiple cities in Florida, there has been pushback against Uber and Lyft. Some locals are worried about the safety of having a random person driving them around in their own personal car, while taxi companies are concerned about their industry being killed off. However, ridesharing companies have won more and more of these cases, meaning Uber and Lyft are more prevalent than ever.

As a result of the new ridesharing phenomenon, a new branch of the insurance industry has emerged. Though insurance companies and ridesharing companies themselves have policies in place for car wrecks, they often feature criteria that are seemingly impossible to meet. That’s why it is vital to have a Lyft and Uber car accident attorney by your side if you are injured while utilizing a ridesharing service.

Danger for Drivers and Riders

Because Lyft and Uber are still relatively new, Florida laws regarding ridesharing are scarce. Because of this, both riders and drivers potentially take on substantial risk when using Lyft or Uber. Though neither company provides comprehensive statistics when it comes to the number of accidents their drivers are in, there are websites dedicated to ridesharing horror stories, including car accidents.

For both riders and drivers, Uber and Lyft provide comprehensive coverage in the event of an accident. But getting that compensation can prove highly difficult. For instance, if a driver does not have a passenger in the car, Uber offers no assistance.

Ridesharing companies are able to get away with this lack of coverage by classifying their drivers as independent contractors instead of employees, which severely limits their legal liabilities. While there have been a few lawsuits to change this policy, they have mostly failed, allowing Uber and Lyft to reap the benefits of having drivers work for them without taking on much, if any, of the risk.

Have a Florida Uber Accident Attorney By Your Side

Uber and Lyft are here to stay in Florida. While that does mean transportation has been made more convenient, it also means that getting compensation after a wreck can be much more difficult. If you have been involved in an accident in a ridesharing car in Florida, contact the Lyft and Uber car accident attorneys at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We have offices throughout South Florida, including:



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