Where do car accidents happen most?

Automobile accidents can happen anywhere. In fact, more than half of all automobile accidents occur within 5 miles from a person’s home.  Typically this is because of the relaxed feeling we have due to the repetition of driving through one’s own neighborhood. Driving in familiar routes typically causes one to rely more on muscle memory. To avoid the pitfalls of relying on muscle memory, always buckle your seatbelt and stay alert while driving these routine routes.

Timing can be everything when driving. Late afternoon and evening are the most common and most dangerous times to drive.  This is due to the flux of travelers heading home from work. As most take the same routes to and from work, being extra alert during these times is extra important. Even knowing the route expertly, unexpected elements may arise such as other drivers, car equipment failure, or a crossing animal. Being extra alert may increase your response time and ability to avoid such accidents when driving.

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