What to tell insurance companies in an auto accident?

While insurance companies may contact you asking for a recorded statement or wanting you to complete paperwork, DO NOT REPLY OR SIGN ANYTHING, until AFTER speaking with a Steinger, Greene & Feiner attorney to know what your options are.

A Steinger, Greene & Feiner attorney can help you navigate your way through dealing with the insurance companies. The insurance companies have one goal in mind after an automobile accident, and that is to look out for their interests. A Steinger, Greene & Feiner attorney is hired to represent YOUR interests on your behalf. The words you speak in a brief conversation to an experienced insurance adjuster can easily be distorted, misquoted or taken out of context and used to hide the truth about what happened to cause your injury.  Insurance companies use their financial resources for their benefit; do the same by using an experienced Steinger, Greene & Feiner attorney to represent you and be in your corner through this difficult time.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, contact an experienced attorney at Steinger, Greene & Feiner today for a free consultation. You will pay nothing for our professional help until we recover compensation on your behalf.

Be sure to check with a lawyer! Find an attorney that practices in the area of the accident. Nashville car accident attorneys may have insights that are specific to the state of Tennessee. Be sure to find a lawyer near you!