How is pain and suffering calculated in an auto accident?

After your accident, the insurance companies will calculate your pain and suffering in order to figure out how much you are to be compensated.  There are several factors used to determine pain and suffering, some examples include:

  • Severity of injury
  • Type of medical treatment
  • Length of recovery
  • Long term impairment

In order to receive compensation from insurance companies, you will be expected to prove the extent of your pain and suffering does, in fact, entitle you to collect damages. You would be well advised to provide the following documentation to the insurance company as soon as you can after your injury:

  • The medical records and bills
  • The injured party’s recollection of the events
  • Mental health provider’s opinions
  • Written opinions or research from experts

Cases may vary dependent upon the circumstances listed above. There is no set percentage of what factors weighs more than others. Insurance companies tend to be difficult to negotiate with on your own; therefore, you will benefit from having a lawyer on your side. If you were involved in an automobile accident, contact an experienced attorney at Steinger, Greene & Feiner today for a free consultation. You will pay nothing for our professional help until we recover compensation benefits on your behalf.