How long does a settlement take for auto accident?

The facts surrounding the automobile accident and the extent of the injury will affect the length of time the case lasts until settlement.  The length of time varies on a case by case basis dependent on factors such as the extent of your injuries and amount of medical treatment needed.

Aside from establishing liability, generally, automobile accident cases vary in the time it takes for them to be fully resolved.  Factors affecting how long it take to reach a settlement include the amount of time it takes for you to fully recover, what your medical prognosis is, and the cost for future care.

Cases that are filed for suit generally take longer than cases that are able to be resolved pre-suit.  As a general matter, cases that are able to be resolved pre-suit can take approximately twelve months, whereas cases that are filed for suit may take approximately eighteen months. Again, these timelines may vary dependent on the circumstances of each case.

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