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The Miami attorneys of Steinger, Greene & Feiner are here to help disabled individuals successfully navigate the often-complex claims, denial, and appeals Social Security Disability process, with the ultimate goal being to obtain the disability benefits to which you are entitled.

What Taxpayers Should Expect from the System

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are part of a federal government program that is designed to provide financial compensation to persons who have become disabled and unable to work. Only individuals who have paid a certain amount into the Social Security system for a specific period of time through their past employment are entitled to later draw benefits due to disability. The amount of monthly benefits to which you are entitled is based on the duration of your past work history, as well as the amount that you paid into the Social Security system. Qualifying for SSD benefits in Miami, however, can be a long and confusing process. Very few people are quickly approved for disability benefits; most people face at least one denial of their claims, even if they later are found to be eligible for disability benefits. Therefore, preparing a thorough and comprehensive claim that is supported by strong medical evidence of disability is essential from the very outset of the claims process.

Streamlining the Process

Government programs are often slow to deliver benefits, and the Social Security Administration is no exception. On average, it can take three months or more for an initial review of your claim, and many claims are often denied, sometimes multiple times, before a successful resolution of your claim is reached. Having a complete application that is supported by ample evidence of your disability is crucial to your case. Complete applications for Social Security Disability benefits in Miami should include:

  • All medical records related to your disabling medical condition
  • All records of physical therapy and rehabilitation related to your disability
  • A personal narrative of your limitations in terms of your daily activities
  • A complete listing of your past education and employment, including the tasks that you are no longer able to perform

By building a claim for disability benefits that is supported by evidence of your medical condition and how it impacts your daily life, you can place yourself in the best position to obtain the compensation that you have earned through years in the workforce.

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