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For boating enthusiasts, an expert Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer is a must. Phoenix is an ideal location for recreational boating with more than 300 sunny days a year and multiple lakes within an hour’s drive of the metro area. One of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to escape the desert heat is to go recreational boating. If the unthinkable happens and you or a loved one is injured in a boating accident, you’ll need the help of an expert Arizona personal injury lawyer.

Boating accidents may happen, and individuals who are harmed need the support of an Arizona, personal injury lawyer who has expertise defending victims of boating accidents. Every year, about 200 boat accidents occur in Arizona, with some of them resulting in fatalities. A collision with another vessel is by far the most prevalent sort of boating accident. Excessive speed, operator inattention, and machinery failure are all reasons that contribute to watercraft accidents.

Personal Injury & Boating Accident Case Results

If you are involved in a boating accident, you should contact our Phoenix boating accident attorney right away. You can, however, take certain steps to assist our lawyer in preparing a compelling case for your claim. After being involved in a boating accident, you should immediately stop the boat, get their contact information and the boat’s owner’s name. Then you must contact the nearest law enforcement agency to report the boating accident.

In the case of boating accidents, the state of Arizona has its own set of rules. As a result, victims of boating accidents should contact a professional Arizona personal injury legal firm as soon as possible  Our law firm specializes in boating accidents, is well-versed in Arizona’s current rules and regulations, and is in the best position to guide you through the complicated process of submitting a claim and collecting the compensation you deserve. Call our Phoenix personal injury lawyers right now at (623) 263-2626 to schedule a free consultation and visit us at 20 E Thomas Rd, Suite 220, Phoenix, AZ 85012.

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*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

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In Arizona, some behaviors that have been characterized as irresponsible or dangerous boat operations include:

  • Boating in restricted areas or speeding in no-wake zones.
  • Failure to follow navigation rules or to weave across busy rivers and other boat traffic.
  • Overpowering the ship with an engine greater than that specified on the capacity plate or exceeding the weight or number of people on board.
  • Allowing a person to ride on the side of the boat, bow, or transom, or in any other risky posture, at a speed greater than no wake.
  • Going against the flow of traffic on purpose.

You must specifically follow the traffic flow in a counter-clockwise direction. Using your vessel to pursue, harass, or disturb wildlife.

Accidents on the water can result in serious injuries and high medical bills. If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a recreational boat accident, you should contact an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer right once. Our law firm’s boating accident attorneys in Phoenix specialize in representing victims of recreational boating accidents and know how to proceed with your case. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our firm today at (623) 263-2626 to discuss your legal case.

Steinger, Greene & Feiner’s Team of Boating Accident Lawyers

Our Phoenix injury lawyers have combined years of expertise with a thorough understanding of personal injury law. We take delight in each case and each victory on behalf of our clients, from the beginning of a claim through the investigation, discovery, and in-court procedure.

Have you been hurt in a boating accident? You do not have to bear the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of the careless operator. For a free case consultation and additional information on how our attorneys can help you obtain the compensation you deserve, call (623) 263-2626 immediately. It’s fine if you haven’t decided whether or not making a claim is right for you. Our team will gladly offer you the information and answers you require to make the best decision possible.

Common Questions About Boating Accident Lawsuit

Is it necessary for me to pay for a boat accident lawyer up front?

No. All boating accident cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means you won’t have to pay anything in advance, and you won’t receive a bill. Our No Fee Guarantee states that you will only pay us once we have assisted you in obtaining compensation.

Should I deal with the insurance company directly?

Insurance companies will try to persuade you to settle before you know the full nature of your losses, which means you may not receive the full amount of compensation you are entitled to. Hiring an attorney to communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf might assist you in avoiding making mistakes that could damage your claim.

Is it true that waiting to make my claim will reduce my chances of receiving compensation?

Potentially. It is critical to get legal assistance as soon as possible after any type of accident. Evidence must be gathered and stored as soon as possible, and medical treatment documents from the accident may be required to substantiate your claim. Although a delay will not necessarily harm your claim, it is better to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Is there a difference between obtaining compensation for a boat accident and other sorts of accidents?

Both yes and no. Like other personal injury claims, boat accident compensation claims are often founded on someone else’s negligence. You’ll need to engage an attorney to investigate and gather evidence to prove that someone else was to blame for the accident if you want to get the most money for your losses.  On the other hand, Boating accidents are frequently caused by boat-specific difficulties such as poor boat maintenance or reckless boating. These could be on top of concerns like driving while distracted or inebriated, which are common in other types of collisions. It’s critical to hire an experienced attorney with specific experience managing boat accident claims in Phoenix to find all available sources of compensation for your damages.

Questions to Ask Your Boating Accident Lawyer

Whom can I sue for compensation for my injuries sustained in a boating accident?

Your lawyer will be able to tell you whom the defendants in your case are based on the specific facts of your case. You may be entitled to hold the parties (and others) liable, depending on how and why your injuries occurred.

Is it possible to bring a lawsuit against the boat manufacturer for an accident caused by a faulty part?

Defective boats, motors, or boating equipment are to blame for certain boating accidents. When an accident is caused by a defective boat or boat part, the injured party can initiate a lawsuit to hold the manufacturer responsible for any losses.  The pilot and passengers may suffer serious injury or drown if the boat sinks or the steering system fails. It’s possible that the accident victims don’t know what caused it. It may take an inquiry to determine the cause of the accident and determine whether a flaw or malfunction caused it.  Anyone who creates, manufactures, or sells a defective product is strictly accountable for any damages caused by the defective product under products liability regulations. In the event of a boating accident caused by a product flaw, the maker, distributor, or seller of the goods may be held accountable for damages.

After a boating accident, who can I sue?

In a personal injury lawsuit resulting from a boating accident, the victim will list as defendants anybody who may be liable for the tragedy. Multiple parties may be mentioned as prospective defendants in a personal injury claim if two or more parties share culpability for the accident.

Defendants in a boating accident could include:

The boat operator, a boat passenger, a boat owner, a boat manufacturer, a jet ski rider, a lifeguard, or anyone else involved in the disaster may be held liable.

Is there a statute of limitations for my boating injury claim?

The length of time you have to bring a marine injury lawsuit is determined by the specific facts of your case, including the location of the incident. To avoid being barred from claiming compensation for your injuries, you should talk with an expert attorney as soon as possible.

How soon should I call a skilled boat accident attorney?

Getting proper medical attention after being injured in a boating accident is the priority. Contact a law firm with extensive maritime law experience once you’ve obtained all essential immediate care.

There are several reasons why you should call an experienced boating accident lawyer as soon as possible. There is a better chance of preserving evidence to show what occurred and who is to blame, for starters. The amount of time you have to file a boating accident is limited. If you wait too long, you may lose your right to seek compensation for your medical costs and other connected expenses. You have a higher chance of safeguarding your rights if you call a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

The actions of another person caused my boating injuries. We didn’t, however, actually crash with each other. Is it still possible for me to hold that individual accountable?

If you were forced to perform an overtaking action on the water and were gravely injured, as a result, you may be able to file a claim against that person if you can prove they were at fault.

Stages of a Boating Accident Lawsuit

After suffering a boating accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. The number of injuries you have suffered will bring costly medical bills and other financial problems that are very hard to manage. The only solution for these unexpected problems is compensation.

  • You can hold the liable party responsible for the injury and get compensation from them by filing a boating accident lawsuit. To increase the chances of getting compensation, hiring a boating accident lawyer is the best thing you can do. Our experienced attorneys have several years of experience, and they can fight for your case against the insurance company and even in front of the court.
  • Our attorney will file a personal injury complaint in the appropriate civil court after showing a valid case. The complaint is the case’s first official document, and it lays out the plaintiff’s allegations in great detail. Then our attorney will have a month to notify the defendant.  The defendant will be informed of the date by which they must “appear” in court along with the complaint.
  • Before their first court date, the defendant will usually have a month or more to hire an attorney. Finding a personal injury defense attorney ready to take on the case should not be difficult, provided the defendant has assets or an appropriate insurance policy.
  • If the defendant has insurance, they must notify the insurer as soon as they become aware of the litigation (which is a strict requirement in insurance policies). If the defendant has not previously retained a lawyer, the insurance company will assign and pay for one. B
  • ecause defense attorneys are paid on an hourly basis rather than on a contingency basis if the defendant can afford to pay out-of-pocket, a “losing” case heading for early settlement isn’t a deterrent to the attorney, who will get paid regardless.
  • During the pre-trial phase known as “discovery,” both sides would ask each other for evidence and witness information. Both sides will appear in court in the early phases of the case to update the judge on how the case is progressing, agree (or not agree) to mediation or arbitration, and set a trial date. As the discovery process progresses, both parties will begin scheduling depositions of the opposing party and witnesses, sworn question-and-answer sessions.
  • The discovery procedure and periodic court hearings can take months (or perhaps a year) to complete, and the trial date is regularly pushed back. After discovery, the defendant may seek the judge to dismiss the case on “summary judgment,” claiming that the plaintiff cannot possibly prevail at trial.
  • As the matter approaches trial, the parties will intensify their efforts by holding mandated settlement discussions, filing motions to decide what evidence will be permitted at trial, appointing a jury, and so on.
  • Finally, the trial will begin, which would likely span several days in a normal personal injury case. The judge or jury will decide whether the defendant is to blame for the accident and the plaintiff’s losses, and if so, how much the defendant must pay in damages. Following the trial, either party might begin an appeals process, which can run anywhere from a few months to several years. A losing defendant will be obliged to pay the damages determined at trial or appeal when the appeals procedure has been finished. The majority of personal injury cases are settled before going to trial.

Even before the complaint is filed, the parties might settle and end the lawsuit at any stage along the process detailed above. If you’re considering taking a personal injury case to court, it’s a good idea to speak with our attorney about your circumstances and the best course of action.