Drug Injury – Increased risk of cardiac problems or stroke

In the state of Florida, there were an average of 4.97 prescriptions filled for every person in the state, as of 2015. According to Florida Health, around 7,222,613 prescriptions were filled statewide over the course of the 2015 year.

Both prescription medications, as well as non-prescription drugs, should make people healthier. Unfortunately, some drugs create an increased risk of cardiac problems or increased risk of a stroke.

There have been many medications identified as increasing the possibility that a stroke or a heart attack will occur. For example, PubMed published a report indicating that ADHD medications could create a risk of serious cardiovascular problems; the U.S. National Library of Medicine published a report about the cardiac risks of non-steroidal NSAIDs; and MedScape indicated two diabetes drugs could be linked with heart failure.

These are just three examples of a vast and ever-increasing number of medications which could cause dangerous side effects. Patients who are prescribed a medication are supposed to be alerted to dangers of drug risks, including any increased danger of heart attack or stroke.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers fail to provide warning. Drugs may also be released by manufacturers who are unaware of the full extent of risks or who have intentionally hidden evidence of drug dangers.

If a medication causes an increased risk of heart attack or stroke and patients are unexpectedly harmed, victims could pursue a case under product liability laws. A Florida defective drug lawyer could provide assistance to victims in identifying an appropriate legal strategy and making a strong claim for compensation.