Bicycle Accident

In the State of Florida, any motorists that cause an accident to a “vulnerable road user,” which includes bicyclists, is obligated to stop and render aid to the victim. Not doing so is a felony crime in the second degree, pursuant to Florida Statutes § 316.027.

Those involved in the accident also have an obligation to remove any wreckage from obstructing traffic to the degree possible within a reasonable time frame. Since accident victims will want documentation of the scene of the accident, they should strongly consider taking photos of any wreckage before it is moved.

Any bicyclists that incur injuries as a result of their collision can look to many sources of potential reimbursement. Florida Statutes § 627.736 outlines that victims should first look to reimbursement from their own personal injury protection (PIP) policy and their health insurance policy if they have either or both. Any costs not covered by those policies or above the stated policy limits can be eligible for reimbursement from any at-fault drivers provided the minimum legal showing is demonstrated.

Damages for bicycle injuries in Florida can include:

  • Bicycle Accident: Past and future medical bills and treatment costs
  • Bicycle Accident: Lost income/lost wages
  • Bicycle Accident: Pain and suffering
  • Bicycle Accident: Emotional distress damages

Tragically, bicycle accidents are all-too-common in the State of Florida. Data from even suggests that Florida is the number one state for bicycle injury deaths. Riders should take care to obey all traffic laws and drive defensively around motor vehicles. Should they become injured, riders can seek legal representation from a Florida bicycle accident attorney to pursue rightful compensation for their injuries.