What to do After a Jacksonville Car Accident

Unfortunately, Jacksonville car accidents are not uncommon and often lead to victims being injured and unsure of how to handle their situation. Car accidents can be very stressful, especially if you do not know the steps to follow to cover all your bases for a claim. It is always recommended to seek a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer when you find yourself the victim of an auto accident.

Steps to Follow After a Jacksonville Car Accident

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Duval county in 2021 had 24,437 motor vehicle accidents. There were 9,819 total injury-related crashes and 178 fatal crashes. Knowing what to do after you are involved in a Jacksonville car accident will help you in the long run when you file a claim:

  • Call 911 – call the police. According to law enforcement, they will help document the scene, gather contact information about every driver involved, and identify who the at-fault driver is.
  • Check for injuries – always make sure you, passengers, and other drivers identify their injuries and the severity of those injuries. It is important to seek medical treatment regardless of severity because many car accident injuries aren’t always easily identified.
  • Document everything – taking photos of the accident scene, car damage of every car, property damage, and any visible injuries. When seeking medical attention, ensure you have all the medical documentation.
  • Seek a car accident lawyer – you should report the car accident to your insurance company, but you shouldn’t give many details about the wreck. A Jacksonville car accident lawyer will be able to assist you when filing an insurance claim and try and go against the at-fault driver.

When you are looking to go after the at-fault driver, having a car accident attorney on your side to help you will allow you to receive a full compensation amount. Insurance companies try to give you the minimum settlement for your damages, and you will be left with long last medical bills the more severe your injuries are.

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No-Fault State and Going After the At-Fault Driver

Florida is a no-fault state which means all drivers have a type of car insurance called personal injury protection that can be used by any driver involved in an accident. This PIP is $10,000 that drivers can use towards their lost wages and medical treatment. But many other damages should be compensated for, especially if you are the victim of a Jacksonville car accident. Damages like long-term medical treatment for long-term disabilities should be considered when being compensated.

A free consultation with a Jacksonville car accident lawyer will help you through your car accident claim. However, according to the law, car accident victims looking to go after the at-fault driver must report the accident to the police within 10 days of the accident. Especially if the accident includes:

  • Injuries, severe or minor
  • Death
  • Potential DUI
  • Property or car damage over $500
  • Hit and run
  • Commercial vehicles like semi-trucks or company vehicles

If you do not report the accident to the police to be documented, it will be difficult to follow through with a claim. To get the most compensation for your damages, you must follow the steps listed above to ensure you have all the details documented. It will help your personal injury attorney more when you have the base accident details beforehand.

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