Why You Were Denied Social Security Disability Benefits and What to Do Now!

Being denied Social Security Disability benefits can be a life-changing decision. All at once, the money you were counting on to have a safe and happy life is no longer yours and you have to scramble to find an alternative way to survive.

We have helped those who were denied Social Security Disability benefits and guided them through the process to ensure they have a chance to settle for a livable disability check to count on in the future.

So why were you denied Social Security Disability benefits? And more importantly, what can you do about it now?

Keep in mind that some claims are rejected based purely on DDS issues stemming from corruption and incompetence. This is why you must discuss your case with a social security disability lawyer as soon as possible.

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Medical Evidence

If you were denied Social Security Disability benefits for medical reasons will find themselves faced with two facts: you were either denied due to the lack of medical evidence, or medical evaluations describe your injuries as not severe or short term.

– Lack of Medical Evidence

This is why Social Security Disability lawyers in Port St. Lucie always say “document everything”! If you know that you will be applying for Social Security Disability benefits, be sure to document all doctor’s visits and keep every receipt and every report your healthcare provider gives you.

If your injury interferes with your ability to work, be sure to communicate that with your doctor. They should understand that part of their reports and their treatment should likely follow the guidelines to either get you back to work or to get your disability funds with your recovery.

– Injuries Are Not Deemed Severe Enough

If your doctor does not deem your injuries serious or severe enough to interfere with your ability to work, you will likely be denied disability benefits. It’s important to tell your doctor if your injury has affected your ability to work and discuss that thoroughly. Be honest about being in pain, or feeling pain when performing certain actions.

– Injuries are considered short term

If the doctor considers your injuries less severe and short term, you will be denied disability benefits. It is still worthwhile keeping doctors’ notes and any recommendations to modify work schedules or responsibilities in the meantime. Be sure to follow all treatment plans, which will be discussed shortly.

We highly recommend keeping all medical documents in a file folder at your home.

Be sure to collect any papers, receipt, or notes and add them to the folder so you can access them easily when these are requested by a doctor, insurance agent, or lawyer.
You can browse a list of Social Security Disability impairments and also social security disability criteria on the social security website.

Prior Denials

Your Social Security Disability status, which includes prior denials, will follow you forever. This is not a bad thing necessarily, but it does mean that you must choose how to file disability claims in the future. If you have been denied social security benefits for any reason, then you should appeal those rejections.

Some people believe that filing a new claim will be more effective than appealing a rejected claim, and this is far from the truth. When a new claim is filed, all previously denied claims will be checked, and if the claim you are making matches a claim that has already been denied, you will simply be denied again.
It is advised to appeal the decision, rather than open a new case.

Failure to Follow Treatment Plans

All Social Security Disability requirements include following a doctor-prescribed treatment plan to the letter. If there is evidence that you did not follow a doctor’s instructions, you will be denied Social Security Disability benefits.

You should follow all treatment plans and be sure to follow any recommendations from your doctor or healthcare professional. Do not perform physical activities that you have been explicitly told not to perform.

As part of the treatment plan, you must cooperate with all investigation request, doctors’ visits, and checkups. You can and should confirm any requests with your lawyer, and then be sure to comply and cooperate.

You Earn Too Much Already

Unfortunately, some people are denied Social Security Disability benefits simply because their income is too high. Even though your income may be too high to receive disability benefits, you may not earn enough to live comfortably. This is a catch-22 and a situation in which many Americans find themselves stuck.

Denial of SSI because of excess resources can be more than a little frustrating. You should consider contacting a personal injury law firm as soon as possible to review your case and your options. It may be your only option to ensure you are compensated fairly for your injuries.

What Should I Do Now? Hire a Lawyer

We always advise clients to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. You can still reach out once you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, or if you are receiving compensation that you are not comfortable with. However, speaking with a lawyer sooner rather than later may yield better results.

Do not sign any paperwork, agree to any terms, or accept recorded interviews if you still wish to seek legal counsel. In some cases, these actions can limit your chance at fair compensation.

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