Social Security Disability – DDS Corruption and Incompetence

Social Security Disability benefits should provide for Floridians who have a serious disability, but corruption and incompetence on the part of DDS can sometimes make it difficult for disabled victims to seek benefits.

DDS stands for Disability Determination Services. When a disabled individual submits an application for benefits to the Social Security Administration, DDS is responsible for determining if the applicant qualifies on the basis of his disabling condition and accompanying symptoms. A disability claims examiner will review the application and medical records of those who have requested benefits and will either approve or deny a benefits claim.

In Florida, only around 46 percent of applicants for Social Security Disability (SSD) actually have their claims approved. Denial rates are very high, and corruption and incompetence among DDS employees is one possible reason so many applicants are not able to get the benefits they deserve.

Consumer Affairs has a very long list of complaints about Disability Determination Services. The Wall Street Journal also reported on scandals involving Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), which are the judges who hear appeals after DDS initially denies benefits. The system is not responsive to disabled applicants, and approvals are inconsistent across states, causing substantial hardship for people who have paid taxes to support the Social Security system and who are now being denied benefits they need.

A Social Security Disability lawyer can provide assistance to those who are eligible for benefits who need help submitting an application for DDS to review or who need assistance appealing a denial of benefits by DDS.