Common Misconceptions About Car Accidents

People have misconceptions about car accidents for a variety of reasons. Whether it is something you have heard on television, a friend or family member’s past experiences, or a general assumption that you have made, it is truly impossible to predict the outcome of an auto accident lawsuit.

Car accidents are a unique area of law. Trying to predict the outcome of such a case is quite simply impossible. There are a variety of factors that come into play, not the least of which are the details of the accident. Other factors may be the mood of the judge, the number of like incidents in your locality, the experience of your attorney and even your attitude in court.

Accident law is unlike any other type of law. Let’s take a closer look at some of the misconceptions surrounding car accident cases.

Each State’s Laws Are the Same

This is one of the biggest myths out there today. Insurance rates and laws vary from state to state. An accident in Florida may not have the same repercussions as an accident in Ohio. Some states require that drivers carry full coverage, other states require only liability insurance. Some states have no-fault laws and others have at-fault laws.

No-fault states mean that a car accident victim has rights to certain benefits no matter who was found at fault in the accident. For instance, your insurance company would pay for your lost wages and injuries even if the other driver was at fault.

In at-fault states, the first determination to be made is who caused the accident. It is that person’s insurance company that will pay any compensation that is due to either party. All of these factors come into play during an auto accident case.

You Only Have to Be In Pain

Thanks to television shows and attorney’s commercials, many people are under the impression that they only have to be in pain to collect pain and suffering damages. This is not the case. Many states have specific requirements when it comes to just who can be awarded these types of damages following a car accident. The fact that you are in pain is often not enough to be awarded additional compensation.

To qualify for pain and suffering damages, you must have suffered with permanent disfigurement or serious impairment of a bodily function. Additionally, you may have a family member who died and, as a result, will be awarded pain and suffering. Even these things, however, are not cut and dry.

Permanent disfigurement is typically considered scarring, burning or other type of injury that affects appearance. Impairment of bodily function means that your ability to lead a “normal” life has been affected. Still, these things can vary from case to case and the outcome of one case should not be used to predict the outcome of another.

You Will Be Awarded Millions

It is actually very rare to be awarded millions of dollars in a car accident settlement. Ask any car accident attorney and they can tell you of a case in which they were sure someone would be awarded richly only to find their client was awarded nothing. There is no single set of circumstances that enable a reputable attorney to promise any client that they will be awarded millions. It rarely happens. What a good attorney will tell you is that they will try to get you compensation for lost wages and injuries. They will not promise you the moon.

Any Lawyer Is Good Enough

Many people think that just any attorney will do. This is not true. After a car accident, a victim needs a lawyer who has experience in auto accident law. The law varies greatly from state to state and even between jurisdictions. Utilizing a lawyer who represents anyone who has been injured with little knowledge of car accident law is a mistake.

It is vital for you and your family that you hire only an attorney who has a proven track record when it comes to auto accident law. These lawyers will know how to dig into your case and pull out the evidence necessary to win you a fair settlement. These are also the attorneys who can give you a clear picture of what you can expect and what you shouldn’t expect as you head to court.

If you have been involved in a car accident in West Palm Beach, please reach out to our experienced team of attorneys today. We are knowledgeable in auto accident law and are here to represent you to the absolute best or our ability. Call today for a free review of your case and let us tell you how to best proceed. We are here for you now. Browse our website for more information or reach out to us for assistance.

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