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3 Things to Do After A Slip and Fall Injury

There are a few important things that you need to do after a slip and fall injury. Of course, the priority after any personal injury or accident is it to make sure you are okay and to wait for medical attention if you have been injured. Serious slip and fall injuries may cause some broken

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident?

Did You Know? Always exchange driver information even when in a minor car accident! Be sure to take photos of ALL cars involved in the accident. In 2018, Florida had almost 400,000 car accidents. Florida had over 3,000 car accidents that lead to fatality in 2019. You’re sitting at the red light after a long

What to do After a Car Accident

No matter how careful you are when you are driving your car or how attentive you are to the behaviors of other drivers, car accidents happen. Below are some quick steps to take after a car accident.   Call 911. Find out if anyone involved in the car accident was injured. Be sure to have

Advice For Drivers Affected By Car Accidents After A Recall

car mechanic repairs breakes from vehicle in a workshop

Drivers involved in a car accident after a recall, may not even be aware that their car has an open recall. Vehicle recalls are nothing new. In 2013, there were 22 million vehicles recalled. Consider that GM has issued another recall a few years ago. Though many vehicle owners follow the instructions on the recall notice

Why You Were Denied Social Security Disability Benefits and What to Do Now!

Being denied Social Security Disability benefits can be a life-changing decision. All at once, the money you were counting on to have a safe and happy life is no longer yours and you have to scramble to find an alternative way to survive. We have helped those who were denied Social Security Disability benefits and

Safe Driving Tips for Slick Roads

Rain through the window of a car on a motorway

Cities across the country have seen strange weather patterns this winter, from the excessive snowfall in the Northeast to the freezing cold and rain in the South, and even our neighbors in the Western areas of the country, where there is usually little or no snowfall, have fallen victim to Mother Nature’s whims this season. This

What Damages Can Be Awarded for Wrongful Death?

wrongful death lawsuit

It is not unusual for the family of a deceased person to experience emotional turmoil. This is especially true when the death is not due to natural causes, but to someone’s negligence, error or reckless behavior. When a person dies, the family may also experience unexpected financial hardship. Laws in each state provide a way