Michael Feiner

Michael A. Feiner is a partner in the Fort Lauderdale office of Steinger, Greene & Feiner. Since being admitted to the Florida Bar in 2001, Michael has devoted his practice to representing plaintiffs throughout Florida in various tort and strict liability cases and has successfully litigated cases against national insurance companies, large public companies, and governmental agencies, resulting in tens of millions of dollars for his clients. He has handled all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of plaintiffs, including automobile negligence, premises liability, medical malpractice, product liability, dog bites, and sexual harassment. Michael’s product liability case against Microsoft, as well as his representation of victims of sexual harassment and abuse by physicians, has garnered him important media attention at both the local and national levels. Michael is an experienced trial lawyer and successfully argued an appeal to the Fourth District Court of Appeal. In the reported decision Ortlieb v. Butts, 849 So.2d 1165 (Fla. 4th DCA 2003), Michael persuaded the Fourth District Court of Appeal that a directed verdict on liability was appropriate where the defendant did not rebut the presumption of negligence of a rear driver in a rear-end collision.

Nashville Motorcyclist Dies in Truck Accident

Motorcycle accident involving a truck

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Driver Manuel Rivas-Castanedo, 18, is arrested in the early morning on Sunday, July 25th, in Nashville. Manuel was involved in a deadly car accident that killed a motorcyclist driving down Murfreesboro Pike at Glengarry Drive at 5:30 am. Manuel was driving his GMC pickup truck during the time of the accident.  The motorcyclist,

Motorcycle Safety: Tips For The First-Time Rider

Young man in a helmet on the motorbike is showing driving license

Your dream of ruling the roads on your stylish little ride is finally going to come true. You are going to ride a motorcycle for the very time, and so the adrenaline, thrills, and excitement are high. While it may seem an adventurous and fun-filled experience, riding a motorcycle comes with many risks and responsibilities.

How To File A Fall And Slip Case In Nashville

Older man slip and fall on a stair case holding his knee

If you have got injured in a slip and fall accident on any other individual’s property, the consequences of that accident can be grave and severe. The severity of the injury may lead you to a hospital. It is very much possible in some conditions that you have to undergo medical surgery, or your doctor

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?

A form from the DMV suspending a driver's license.

For DUIs and DWIs, The consequences are long-lasting and expensive. DUIs stay on your driving record for a minimum of 5 years, but they can be moved up to 10 years or even indefinitely if you live in certain states, according to DMV records. Ending up with a DUI on your record will lead to

What to Do After Being in a Car Accident on College Campus

Girl is driving a car with her girls friends

Sending your son or daughter away to college in Fort Myers is a huge milestone! They have been preparing for years to get to this point, and now the next chapter in their lives’ is about to begin. They are ready for almost anything. But does your future college student know what to do if

Gov. DeSantis Vetoes Bill Aimed at Florida No Fault Statute (PIP Insurance)

map of Florida

Bill 54 was passed in the Florida Senate on April 14, 2021. [1] However, it was vetoed by Governor DeSantis before being signed into law on May 6. 2021.[2] “While the PIP system has flaws and Florida law regarding bad faith is deficient … SB 54 does not adequately address the current issues facing Florida

Tips To Drive Safely When It Is Raining

Windshield wipers from inside car

The ability to drive safely when it’s raining is invaluable. Many lives have been saved by drivers who know how to drive carefully in the rain. According to reports, about 5,700 people are killed and more than 418,000 are injured in weather-related crashes every year. Whether it is a light sprinkle or a heavy shower,

Slip And Falls In Nursing Homes: Can I Sue?

senior woman on teh ground after slipping at nursing home

You have a loved one in a nursing home who faced an injury by falling down the stairs because of poor lightening in the corridors. After a nursing home fall, your loved one has to go through immense pain and distress besides hefty medical expenses. Can you sue the nursing home for liability? Yes, you