Why contact a lawyer?


Filing for workers’ compensation benefits can be difficult—even though it is something you’re entitled to when you’ve been injured on the job. You don’t want to make your employer angry, but you can’t work and you need the money. A Miami workers’ compensation lawyer understands it is an uncomfortable situation.

With the help of an experienced Miami workers’ compensation attorney from Steinger, Greene & Feiner, it doesn’t have to feel like that. You don’t have to be the one filing the paperwork or demanding the benefits you’re owed. We do that for you. Fill out a free contact request form now so we can help you get the money you deserve.


As Miami workers’ compensation lawyers, we deal with injury claims on a daily basis. We know what to look for in a case, and we know how to get the answers you need to move forward.

Our Miami workers’ compensation attorneys can help you:

  • Fill out all the necessary paperwork, medical forms, etc.
  • Keep track of important deadlines
  • Get reports and documentation about your injuries from your doctor or pharmacist
  • Investigate how your accident occurred and show your employer how it could have been prevented

At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we aren’t satisfied until you get every dollar you truly deserve. That’s why you need a Miami worker’s compensation lawyer to represent your claim. We’ll be your advocate when you’ve been injured on the job. Give us a call or fill out a free contact request form. That’s all it takes to get the help you need.


If you need help filing a workers’ compensation claim, we can help. With offices in Fort MyersFort Lauderdale, Miami, OkeechobeeOrlandoPort St. Lucie, and West Palm Beach, we have considerable resources and what it takes to get the job done. The form is free, confidential, and easy to complete—contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, our experienced car accident lawyers have the strong legal backgrounds and extensive legal knowledge that you need to have the best chance of a successful auto accident claim. Whether you are negotiating a settlement outside of court or proving your claim to a jury, you can trust us to use our legal skills to help you get the best outcome possible.