What Is A Pedestrian Accident

According to State Traffic Control Law, a pedestrian is defined as any person afoot that is required to obey the instructions of any traffic control device or police officer. A pedestrian includes people on foot, or on bicycles, or on non-motorized vehicles, and they are required by law to use a sidewalk when provided, and they are not permitted to walk on a paved road. And if there is no sidewalk provided, a pedestrian is required to walk only on the shoulder of the left side of the road, facing traffic, approaching vehicles or oncoming vehicles from the opposite direction.

Commonly, on roadways, pedestrians and bicyclists are all too often hit by cars, or trucks, or taxis, or other moving vehicles, and usually that’s when they’re jogging, or skateboarding, or roller skating, or even just walking on a sidewalk, or while crossing a street, or crossing a highway.

And those accidents with pedestrians tend to result in potentially serious or catastrophic injuries – a lot involving broken bones, or head injuries, or concussions, and sometimes even death. However, a lot of these pedestrian accidents can be prevented, and they’re usually caused by drivers who are not paying attention, or who are distracted, or talking, or texting on a cell phone, or drinking. Normally, a pedestrian is defined within your own insurance policy, or car insurance policy, and it tends to be an individual who is walking, or standing, or sitting down, riding a bicycle, a driver or a passenger of a scooter or a moped, someone on a skateboard or Rollerblades, and that pretty much defines what is a pedestrian and types of pedestrian accidents.

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