How Long Do Truck Accident Cases Take To Settle?

Every truck accident victim in West Palm Beach wants to know how long their case will take to settle. As a premier truck accident attorney serving the area, this question can be difficult to answer. 

Generally, the larger your personal injury claim, the longer the case takes. The more difficult the accident is to investigate, the longer the case takes. When the details of the accident are clear and one driver is obviously at fault, the case is quicker to settle. 

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The Length of the Case May Depend on Injuries

One of the factors impacting how long it takes to settle is the type of injury you sustain. You may suffer an injury that is diagnosed, treated, and healed in just weeks. In more catastrophic cases, you are left with injuries that will never heal and require lifelong medical care. Not only will your injuries impact the length of your case, but they also impact the amount of your settlement.

A quality truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach will want to wait until the prognosis (likely medical outcome) of your case is clear. That way, they can more accurately estimate future costs that still lay ahead.

Making the Right Moves Takes Time

The legal process is an involved one. There are steps that, if skipped, will have your case thrown out of court. Nothing happens quickly in the justice system; people have to take time to draft, deliver, and respond. You want your case to hurry along, but you also want to be sure that your attorney is doing everything correctly. Don’t lose patience due to the process.

Tactical Delays 

Think of your case as a kind of chess match. There are moves to be played and strategies to consider. Don’t assume that the other side is going to sit back and accept everything that comes their way. 

There are actions each side can take to delay the case. In some instances, the longer a case takes, the more likely a plaintiff is to accept a settlement that may be lower than what they need. 

The Complexity of Your Case Matters

Again, some accidents are very easy to investigate. Someone clearly violated a rule of the road, hit someone, and caused property damage and injury. Other accidents involve multiple vehicles or vehicle malfunction. 

Others are simply too detailed to investigate quickly. For example, proving negligence in trucking regulations or professional standards. Your West Palm Beach truck accident lawyer may need time to subpoena specific evidence. Your case may also involve litigation against multiple defendants. 

All told, the more complex your West Palm Beach truck accident, the longer your case will take.

Cooperate with Your Attorney

You need to cooperate with your attorney. If they ask for a document, get it to them as promptly as possible. If they leave a voicemail asking for information, call back. If your contact information changes, update your attorney. 

If your attorney can’t reach you to speak about your accident, your case will be delayed. Remember that you and your attorney are a team in this process.

Your Experienced West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

You never have to go through the settlement process alone. Our team is ready to get to work for you. We do not get paid unless we win your case, so don’t let financial worries keep you from hiring the expert advocate you need. 

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