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Tucked inland of West Palm Beach, Villages of Palm Beach Lakes is a beautiful neighborhood, close to the water but away from the business of the city. Though it is a generally quiet neighborhood, car accidents do happen in Villages of Palm Beach Lakes. If you’ve been injured in a collision, you have legal rights. One such right is seeking compensation for your injuries.

At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers have decades of combined experience helping members of our local community get the compensation they deserve after a wreck. We know this time in your life is difficult, and we will do everything we can to help you recover financially so you can start moving forward.

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If you’ve been in a car accident in Villages of Palm Beach, don’t panic! Keep your wits about you and check yourself for injuries. If you have suffered any major injuries, especially to your neck or head, do your best to stay still and wait for help to arrive. If your phone is near you, call 9-1-1 and be sure to request an ambulance.

If you haven’t suffered serious injuries, take a moment and check on anyone else you have in your car. If they have injured their neck or head, don’t move them! You can do more harm than good. You should also check on any passengers in the other car for injuries. If you can, move to a safe location, such as the side of the road.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures while you’re still at the scene of the accident. Use your phone to photograph damage to your car and the other car, injuries you sustained, road and weather conditions, any nearby street signs, and anything else you may think is relevant. It’s always better to have too many photos than not enough.

When the police arrive, you will need to provide a statement. Only give facts, not conjecture. While you’re talking to police or anyone else at the scene, never apologize or accept blame. Simply give your statement, and exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver.

Finally, you will need to call your insurance provider to report the accident. As with the police, only provide the facts. In fact, the less information you can provide the insurance agent, the better. Simply telling them when and where the accident happened should be enough. They can get the rest of the information from the police report.


After a car accident, you will likely receive a settlement offer from the insurance company. Before you accept that offer, call our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers. The offer you receive will likely be much less than you deserve, and once you accept it, you are unable to file a lawsuit for greater compensation.

Our experienced lawyers know all the tricks insurance companies use to get out of paying you the money you deserve. We’ll work with experts and gather evidence to create a strong case on your behalf for why you deserve greater compensation. Call us at 800-916-8108 or contact us online today for a free, no-obligation consultation if you’ve been injured in a car wreck in Villages of Palm Beach Lakes.

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