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Parker Ridge is proud of its historic homes and diverse blocks. Those blocks can see lots of traffic, though, which leads to major car accidents that happen at nearly any time.

Florida’s Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department reports that Palm Beach County as a whole experienced 27,273 total car accidents in 2017. Because of those accidents, 15,912 people were badly hurt and 162 were killed.

Anyone who gets injured in a car accident in Parker Ridge can file under their personal injury protection (PIP) insurance to pay for the costs of their medical treatment and other losses. If they have serious injuries, then they can file a claim against any at-fault drivers and other parties who directly caused the accident.

Whether filing a claim on your insurance or someone else’s, it always helps to have a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer represent your case. A lawyer from Steinger, Greene & Feiner can help you deal with insurers and estimate the full costs of your injury, not just part of it. While no case is guaranteed, the services of our experienced injury lawyers can increase the chances that you get the maximum amount of money for your settlement.

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Do’s and Don’ts after You’ve Been in a Car Accident in Parker Ridge


  • Check to see who is hurt, and then call 911
  • Stay at the place where the accident happened until police arrive
  • Take pictures of the accident before moving your vehicles off the road
  • Take close-up photos of your injuries and the damage to your car
  • Ask any eyewitnesses if they’ll make a statement and give you their contact information
  • Describe the chain of events that led to the accident to police officers as accurately as you can remember
  • Go to the emergency room or doctor after your accident and describe your injuries, pain, and symptom as accurately as you can
  • Talk to a car accident lawyer in West Palm Beach before you talk to any insurance companies
  • Save all of your medical bills and related receipts so that you can claim as much as you can for your injury costs


  • Move if you are seriously hurt, especially if you could have head or back injuries
  • Apologize for causing the accident or say it was your fault (no one knows until an investigation is made)
  • Accuse the other driver of being at fault or get angry
  • Refuse an ambulance or medical care if you’re hurt
  • Leave the accident scene before a police report is made
  • Talk about your accident with friends, co-workers, or on social media
  • Talk to insurance company representatives before talking to your own lawyer
  • Agree to release all your medical records or make a recorded statement
  • Forget to follow the doctor’s orders, especially if they say you have to miss work

A West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer Can Be Your Top Ally if You Are Injured

Whether filing on your PIP insurance or trying to make a claim on another driver’s liability insurance, you can fall into a lot of traps if you try to handle your case on your own. Insurance companies want to pay out as little as they can, so they will deny claims or try to reduce the amount they give you for your injuries.

A seasoned West Palm Beach car accident attorney knows all the tactics that insurers use to deny fault or trick you into accepting an amount lower than you deserve. Your lawyer will help you document your injuries and establish negligence based on hard evidence. They will also use every legal option at their disposal to seek the full amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries.

No case is guaranteed, but having a lawyer on your side greatly increases your chances of success.

There’s no risk to learning about your legal options since your first appointment is always free, and there’s no obligation to hire an attorney afterwards. You can receive a full case evaluation from one of our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers when you schedule an appointment now by dialing 1-800-916-8108 or filling out a quick form to contact us online.

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