Top Recalls to Be Aware of for June 2018

Consumers are injured by products every day. When these injuries are reported to the manufacturer, there is typically a recall issued. Unfortunately, many people are not in the habit of checking recall lists before they run to the store.

Because of this, we are continuing to bring you the latest recalls. If you have one of these products, follow the instructions for receiving a repair, replacement or refund. If you were considering purchasing one of these products, look for an alternative.

Here are the top product recalls for June 2018:

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1. Propane Gas

If you purchased propane gas from Keyera Energy through any supplier, you are entitled to a replacement. The problem with the shipment that you may have received is that there were 1.7 million gallons of propane that did not have enough odorant added. It’s the odorant that alerts people to a gas leak.

If you purchased this brand of propane, email [email protected] to discuss your options.

2. GE LED Tube Lamps

These lamps were sold exclusively at Lowe’s. The end of the tube lamp can be energized when it should be, posing the risk of shock and electrocution to the consumer. Do not change out your lamps before switching the light switch to “off”.

You can contact [email protected] for more information about obtaining a $17 gift card as a form of refund.

3. Circuit Boards

The VCB2 circuit board has been recalled by Vernier Software & Technology. There are switches on the board that can get caught in a sort of in-between position, causing them to overheat. This poses a burn hazard to consumers.

The boards can be returned to Vernier for a free repair. The company will be reaching out to known consumers directly, but you can also visit for more information.

4. Snow Blowers

You may not be thinking of snow too often, especially if you live in the South, but it will come back eventually (at least in North Florida), and many people buy snow blowers off season to save money. If you purchased a snow blower from Amerisun, you may want to see if it’s part of the recall. There were close to 35,000 units sold in the United States. There is a pulley bolt on the machine that may become loose, causing the blower to be stuck in drive.

Email [email protected] or call (800) 791-9458 for more information.

5. Recessed Downlights

Downlights manufactured by Ketra have been recalled due to incorrect wiring in some units. The company is offering a free inspection of certain lights and, if necessary, repairs. A warning has been issued to consumers against inspecting the wiring themselves.

If you believe you purchased one of the approximately 3,400 units sold, visit or call (800) 940-5917 for more information. Again, you should not attempt to check or fix the light yourself as you will be exposing yourself to electrical shock.

6. Tractor Canopies

Tractor canopies manufactured by A&I are being recalled. Some units can cause the Rollover Protective Structure of a John Deere tractor to fail. This means that a driver could be injured should the tractor be involved in an accident.

John Deere dealers can repair the canopy for free. Visit for more information about determining if your canopy is part of the recall and what you should do next.

7. Wall Decor and Art

Most people hang things on their walls to spruce up their homes. Unfortunately, if you have wall decor manufactured by Uttermost, the art can be dangerous. The hanging hardware on the back of some pieces can fail, causing a safety risk to anyone nearby.

There were approximately 17,000 pieces sold. You can email [email protected] to see if you need a replacement j-hook for your wall decor.

8. Floor Lamps

Ashley Furniture is recalling about 900 floor lamps sold in America and 100 sold in Canada. Incorrect labeling on the lamps tells consumers that they can use a 40 watt light bulb in the lamp when they should only be using a 25 watt bulb. When a light bulb with too many watts is used, it can overheat in the unit and melt the power switch. This poses a burn hazard to users.

If you have recently purchased a floor lamp from Ashley Furniture, call (800) 477-2222 to find out if it is part of the recall. The company is offering a full refund for the purchase price of the lamps.

When you purchase a product, you have every right to believe that using it won’t put you or anyone near you at risk. If you have a product that is listed above, don’t ignore the recall. It has been put in place for a reason. Follow the instructions given to contact the company and find out more about what you should do.

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