How We Helped Susan D. Recover $330,000

For most people, seeing a food cart along Miami’s roads is an invitation to stop for a greasy hotdog or some refreshing ice cream. But for Susan D., they are something of a nightmare. She was struck by a 10-foot refrigerated cart, which knocked her to the ground. She was carrying her grandson at the time, and her granddaughter was walking next to her down the sidewalk. She remembers feeling the push from the cart, then blacking out.

When Susan regained consciousness, she was on the ground. Her grandson was holding onto her neck tightly, crying hysterically. Her granddaughter was next to her, also crying. Neither of them were hurt, but Susan wasn’t so lucky. Her foot was caught beneath the cart, and her achilles tendon was severed.

Even though Susan has mostly recovered from her accident, she still faces limitations. She suffered nerve damage, and cannot wear closed-heel shoes because they rub against those damaged nerves. In addition, her foot constantly feels like it is being choked from the tightness in her ankle. She is no longer able to take part in some of her favorite activities, like jazzercise. However, she is grateful that she still has a foot.

She says she is also grateful that Steinger, Greene & Feiner didn’t rush into a low settlement. She was not familiar with the compensation process, as most people aren’t. So, she trusted the attorneys here to make sure she was taken care of and, in the end, was awarded $330,000 in compensation.

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