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When a loved one dies, it is never easy for those left behind. When such a death occurs due to the negligent or deliberate actions of others, it is even more shocking and difficult. In these cases, family survivors may file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit against the party responsible for their loss. If you have lost a loved one in such circumstances in or around Tampa, getting experienced legal guidance is crucial.

 At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we know how traumatic a wrongful death situation can be for you and your family. Our firm has helped innumerable individuals and families in the wake of serious accidents and other incidents resulting in all types of injuries and death since 1997. We know how vital your needs may be in regards to legal action which can help to bring closure and properly compensate you for your emotional and financial losses. While your loved one can never be restored you, we can help protect your legal rights and fight aggressively on your behalf for the damages needed to help you move forward without financial jeopardy.

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Legal Recourse

Those who cause the deaths of others due to negligence or wrongful actions may be held legally responsible. These parties can include individuals as well as business entities or even governmental agencies. Wrongful deaths can occur as a result of accidents, such as traffic crashes, slip and fall incidents, and drowning as well as through medical malpractice, vicious dog attacks, criminal attacks, and more

Under Florida law, family survivors as well as the personal representative for the decedent’s estate may seek damages for wrongful deaths through court action. Family survivors can include:

  • The surviving spouse
  • Minor children of the decedent
  • Parents of a deceased child

Compensation awarded by the court can include all of the decedent’s medical expenses incurred by the accident which resulted in death, funeral and burial expenses, family survivors’ loss of companionship and protection, pain and suffering from the date of the injury, and loss of earnings and financial support that the decedent would have earned for survivors if he or she had not died.

Because many of these damages can be difficult to quantify, their determination by the court can be problematic. Expert witness testimony, such as from financial experts and other professionals, may be needed to substantiate your case. At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we are well-versed in what is required to build a strong case in wrongful death actions. We can aggressively negotiate a settlement outside of court or where necessary take your case to a judge and jury.

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