St. Petersburg Property Damage Lawyer

If you have been paying insurance and your property was damaged because of someone else’s careless actions or uncontrollable forces, you shouldn’t have to spend a penny to fix your damaged property. If insurers always kept their promises to their customers and people weren’t irresponsible, few people would need a St. Petersburg property damage lawyer. But if you find that you need to speak to an attorney about damage to your home, Steinger, Greene & Feiner can help. Our St. Petersburg property damage lawyers work with local home inspectors to offer you a free 10-point home inspection.

Unfortunately, accidents happen a lot in our daily lives, and insurers almost always look for excuses to reject valid property damage claims. If either of those scenarios has happened with you, you might benefit from the services of our lawyers. Our attorneys will fight for every dollar you are owed for your damaged property, whether personal or professional. Speak with a Steinger, Greene & Feiner St. Petersburg personal injury attorney to discuss your lawsuit.

You could receive a considerable amount of settlement from the insurance that covers the damages to your home, plus enough to build your dream kitchen, bathroom, or master bedroom finally.

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Personal Injury & Property Damage Case Results

$8.2 Million

For a truck driver injured on the job and unable to work his regular hours...

$5.5 Million

For a man injured in a shooting during a Halloween party that could have been...

$1.3 Million

For a group of men who were injured in a Chipotle Mexican Grille when the...

$1.1 Million

For the largest slip and fall verdict in Florida when a man broke his neck...

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*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

For many years, we have fought to get the maximum compensation for their clients. We are in the business of helping people who really need help, not big businessmen. You are never under any pressure; we want you to feel relaxed like you are part of the family. No pushy salesmen, no bad advice; we are only here to help you make the right decision for yourself and your loved ones.

Reviews of Our Property Damage Lawyers

When someone or some natural disaster damages your property, your insurance should cover the cost of repairing it. If you have issues with the insurance company, give a St. Petersburg property damage attorney a call on (727) 346-6039. We have created a lasting reputation as the Florida law firm that fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. Read St. Petersburg property damage lawyer reviews.

"I am so grateful I found this company. Honesty and integrity all the way. Annie was so great to deal with, her positive attitude and strong work ethic really made

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Tim M

"Outstanding!!! First class service from the moment I made my first call. Very responsive, very professional, very polite and they did everything they said they were going to do. From

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Larry Wood

"One word comes to mind about our attorney Justin Alperstein, AWESOME!   From our first contact, he made us feel very comfortable. He is a great listener which is a

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Lester Solomon

Steinger, Greene & Feiner’s Team of Property Damage Lawyers

Sometimes, St. Petersburg property damage cases don’t involve insurers at all. You can sue a negligent party for property damage under certain circumstances. We know how to handle these types of cases, too. Your St. Petersburg property damage attorney will fight for compensation for all the damages you’ve suffered because of another person’s reckless or careless actions, including damage to your property. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have much time to waste if you’re considering filing a property damage lawsuit. Damage to your home or other private property from unforeseen accidents can create hazardous living conditions that demand immediate attention. As with all cases, there is no cost to clients unless we win your case.

Do not hesitate to contact a property damage attorney at (727) 346-6039 if you have suffered damages to your home or other property. The lawyers at our firm are always here to protect your rights and help get you the maximum recovery for your claim. We’ve served thousands of clients to recover millions of dollars, and that number continues to climb every day.

Types of Property Damage

A qualified property damage lawyer in St. Petersburg can help you recover compensation for your damaged property regardless of what kind of property you’re dealing with. In 90% of cases, your case will be between you and your insurer, and we know precisely how to put the pressure on.

The following are some common types of property damage in St. Petersburg:

  • Damaged Homes: Your home may be your castle, but it probably doesn’t have the fortifications of an actual castle. That means it’s susceptible to all kinds of damage, such as damage from fire, wind, floodwaters, earthquakes, shifting soil, and other threats. If your homeowners’ insurance policy includes the type of damage your home suffered, then you deserve compensation for the damage.
  • Damaged Businesses: Business insurance is meant to protect your business from all kinds of damage. But too many business owners find that insurers will try anything to avoid holding up their end of the deal. We’ll make sure they don’t get away with it.
  • Damaged Motor Vehicles: Perhaps the most common type of insurance because most states require drivers to carry it, auto insurance should cover all kinds of damage to your vehicle. That includes damage sustained in wrecks. If your auto insurer hesitates to compensate you for the cost or repair your car, give a call to a St. Petersburg auto insurance lawyer.
  • Other Items – You can have insurance for almost any type of property, and we’re prepared to take on all kinds of property damage cases. We’ll have a look at your case no matter what type of property it involves.

Most Common Questions Asked About Property Damage Lawsuits

How do I file the claim and begin the process?

When you’re mentally prepared to begin the process, contact our lawyers, and we will dispatch a signer to come out and witness the damages. They will inform you at the time of assessment if you have a claim and will have you sign a Retainer Packet.

What steps should I take to help with the processing of my claim?

It would be best if you took an inventory of your home. Then make a list of any damage to your house and personal property—note which parts of your property were damaged. The same applies to your other valuables items, including electronics, vehicles, major appliances, and furniture. You can take pictures or videos to secure them as proof. Do not discard any damaged part of the house before the insurance company has a chance to inspect it.

What is a Retainer Packet?

The retainer packet is a document that outlines the fees and cost of the services to be rendered, the scope of our representation. It authorizes us to contact the insurance company and your mortgage company regarding the claim.

Will there be anyone else visiting my house after I sign the Retainer Packet?

The signer is your initial step towards the claim. Just like how the insurance company sends many experts in various fields to investigate your claim, our firm also has multiple experts to put together your case to present to the insurance company to obtain a maximum payout for your claim. After the signer initially visits your house or other property, a loss consultant will look at the damages, take measurements and write his estimate from his experience. We also send out a photographer that will take detailed pictures of the damaged property. These pictures will be shown as proof to the insurance company.

What happens after signing the Retainer Packet?

After signing the Retainer, our attorney will file your claim with the insurance company and get a claim number. After our attorney files your claim, within 24 to 48 hours, an adjuster will be assigned to your case. We will then coordinate an inspection with your loss consultant, your insurance company’s adjuster, and with you. It is important that you are available for this appointment. If you missed it, it could be months before the insurance company’s adjuster will come out to assess the damages, which will prolong your claim.

What happens after you receive any offer from my insurance company?

When we receive any offer from the insurance company, we will show the offer to you. However, there are high chances that the company will try to cover it with a small offer. Suppose you feel the payout being offered is too low. In that case, we will either negotiate a more favorable settlement or push your claim further. Then we file a lawsuit against the insurance company on your behalf.

What happens if my claim is denied? Is that the end of the claim process?

Don’t be shocked if the insurance company’s first response is to claim that your damage is because of some pre-existing condition or assert that your claim is not covered under the terms of your policy. If your claim is denied, we will look into the reason for denial. Suppose our experienced and aggressive attorneys feel that the insurance company wrongfully denied your claim. In that case, our attorneys will continue to fight on your behalf and litigate as necessary to see that you get the compensation you deserve.

What happens if the insurance company only wants to pay me for part of my claim?

Our experienced St. Petersburg attorneys will fight on your behalf to get you paid what the insurance company owes you if your claim is underpaid.

Stage of a Property Damage Lawsuit

Even if your home or property hasn’t received significant visible damage due to a catastrophic event, undetected contaminants like mold and other problems can result in unhealthy living conditions for you and your family. You should contact us now to get a free consultation in this case. If our inspection discovers any damage, one of our top damage property attorneys will file a claim on your behalf for the maximum compensation you deserve from your insurance company. After receiving the payment, you can get back to your day-to-day life and begin planning your home or property repairs.