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Sexual abuse is not a subject any parents want to discuss, especially if it involves young children. Simply put, a parent’s worst nightmare is learning that their child was affected by sexual abuse. Any type of sexual conduct, contact, intimidation, or grooming of a person under the age of 18 is considered child sexual abuse. Child sexual predators are frequently people the child knows, such as friends, family members, community groups, or school employees. If you feel your child has been sexually abused, you must report it to law enforcement as soon as possible and speak to a Steinger, Greene & Feiner St. Petersburg personal injury attorney.

You should also get legal advice from a St. Petersburg child sexual abuse lawyer as soon as you can. When it comes to fighting for the rights of our young clients, our legal team is both aggressive and sensitive. We will take any steps necessary to assist you and your loved one in obtaining financial compensation from the persons who have caused them harm.

Even though determining the prevalence of child sexual abuse is difficult due to a lack of reporting, experts believe that it occurs far more frequently than is reported to authorities.
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Our child sexual abuse lawyers will look into the facts of your child’s situation and bring all parties responsible accountable. Although filing a child sexual abuse claim will not undo the harm your kid has suffered, it will provide you with a feeling of justice and closure. Allowing our attorneys to handle your case will strengthen your case and increase your chances of receiving compensation. Each case has its different set of facts and circumstances, which influence the technique used to seek justice. Please call one of our child sexual abuse attorneys to discuss your legal rights in St. Petersburg (727) 346-6039.

Reviews of Our Birth Injury Lawyers

If your child or any young person you care about has been sexually abused, it is critical to understand that you have options for seeking justice in the criminal and civil justice systems. The purpose of a criminal trial is to safeguard society. The prosecution will call your child or the victim as a witness. The objective of a civil lawsuit is to seek the best interests of your sexually abused child. Civil cases often include seeking compensation for your child’s physical and emotional injuries and filing for restraining orders and custody due to sexual abuse. At our firm, we believe young children have the right to be heard and the right to bring their abuser to justice. Read St. Petersburg child sexual abuse lawyers reviews.

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Steinger, Greene & Feiner’s Team of Birth Injury Lawyers

Your child can suffer significant psychological and bodily harm whether child molestation occurs once or repeatedly over months or years. It can be tough to learn that your child has been subjected to such harmful situations as a parent, but we can assist you in fighting for your child’s rights.

Our St. Petersburg child abuse attorneys are dedicated to helping sex abuse victims obtain justice. Our firm is known for obtaining substantial verdicts on behalf of injured individuals due to negligent or intentional actions, and we’re ready to advocate on behalf of your family. Getting you the highest amount of compensation is our top priority. The money cannot undo the damage your child has suffered but can be used to treat your child in getting out of trauma.

Our experienced attorneys are always ready to help you and willing to fight for you, whether on the settlement table or in court. For a free consultation on your child’s sexual abuse case, call us today at 727) 346-6039.

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Most Common Questions Asked Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

What is the definition of sexual abuse?

Although there are various definitions for “sexual abuse,” violent acts that can be considered sexual abuse include when a person – a child, an adult woman, or a man – is engaged in sexual activities in which the victim cannot or does not consent, are coercive, or violate the law, or when the participants have a developmental asymmetry.

Fondling of genitalia or breasts, oral-genital contact, vaginal or anal penetration, exploitation in pornography or prostitution, exhibitionism, or voyeurism are examples of sexual practices.

What to do if I have been sexually assaulted or know someone who has?

Sexual assault is a severe offense. Unwanted physical contact, whether sexual or not, is likewise illegal. If something like this happened to you or a loved one, call the cops right away. Demand that a detective with experience investigating sexual assault cases is assigned to the case. Many police departments have specialized units, such as a sex crimes unit or a special victims unit, whose personnel are trained to gather the information that a uniformed officer would not be equipped to get.

These specially trained officers will also help guide you to other agencies and people who can assist and support you during such a traumatic and challenging period.

Have a hospital or doctor evaluate the victim right away for any physical symptoms of sexual contact and do a sexually transmitted illness test. Do not wait until you have received medical clearance. If you wait too long, necessary evidence may be lost permanently, jeopardizing whatever claim you may have, whether criminal or civil. Even if the physical results of sexual abuse heal, the emotional and psychological effects can be long-lasting and life-altering. You should immediately contact a psychologist or counselor for yourself or your child. The family of victims is also traumatized.

In addition to individual treatment, family psychotherapy is frequently required for everyone to learn how to cope with such trauma. As hard as it may seem, you should call and retain the services of a lawyer who has substantial expertise in resolving cases similar to yours.

When should I get a lawyer?

You should contact a lawyer immediately after deciding to file a claim against the person responsible for your child’s sexual abuse. If you are unsure how the process will work out or are afraid that this matter will be leaked, call us today at 727) 346-6039. and we will be glad to discuss this situation with you.

In a sex abuse lawsuit, will I have to pay to consult a lawyer?

There is no charge for speaking with a lawyer at our office about your or your child’s sexual abuse claim. Furthermore, we will not accept any payment unless you win the lawsuit. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Is there a civil remedy for sexual assault?

We can review your sexual assault case and give you an opinion on whether a workplace, school, daycare, camp, church, or medical practice could be held accountable for failing to recognize and protect the victim of sexual abuse. If this were to happen, the negligent institution could be held liable for the costs of its actions.

If I find out my child was sexually abused by a teacher, doctor, or counselor, what should I do?

You should call law enforcement if you have reason to believe your child was sexually abused by a teacher, doctor, or other professional. Sexual abuse of children is a severe offense crime. When investigating these situations, law enforcement agents are carefully trained to be sympathetic to minors. And if you want compensation from the individual responsible for everything, contact our lawyers to file a case against him.

When should I call the cops?

When you suspect sexual abuse has happened, you should contact police enforcement. If a minor child is sexually abused, you have a special responsibility to report it. If you do not know whether you should contact law enforcement about a crime committed against an adult, we will be glad to discuss this with you.

Stages of a Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

If your child has experienced, sexual abuse you have the right to hold the person responsible for his actions and force him to pay you an amount of compensation for what he did. Although compensation will never cover your child’s pain and you as a parent have suffered, it will help your family to get out from this trauma.

  • Child sexual abuse lawsuits are complicated because it depends a lot on your child’s statements, and we all know children are often afraid to talk about these experiences; our attorney will help you with this problem.
  • The first step in filing a child sexual abuse claim is to make sure that your child has suffered sexual abuse and he or she recognizes that person. Next, if you are confident that another person has abused your child, contact our attorney to discuss your case with him in a free initial consultation.
  • He can help you understand your rights to file a civil suit against the abuser and other parties in St. Petersburg, including large and powerful institutions. Our attorney will then write a demand letter on your behalf, listing all your demands against the offender.
  • The letter would inform the offender that either accepts your demands or get ready for a court lawsuit as we will be your representatives. The majority of cases are handled outside of court because the court encourages both parties to settle disputes outside of court.
  • We will try to acquire the highest possible compensation from the defense attorney on your behalf. If you are still not happy with their offer, we can take the issue to trial. We will fight for your child’s justice in court until you receive the compensation your child is entitled to.

Visit us or call us: 360 Central Ave Suite 800, St Petersburg 33701, (727) 346-6039 and speak to an attorney today.