San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accident cases can be overwhelming and particularly difficult to navigate due to the extra parties that could be liable and truck-specific laws involved. That’s why hiring a San Antonio truck accident lawyer is essential to put yourself in the best position for your case. 

Let’s discuss the common causes of truck accidents, how a legal expert can help, the entire litigation process, what compensations you can be awarded, and how a legal expert can help. 

What You Should Know About Truck Accidents in San Antonio

San Antonio is located in Bexar County, where there were around 2,250 motor vehicle accidents in 2022 that led to minor injuries, severe injuries, or even death.  

The most common causes of truck accidents include: 

  • Drunk or drugged driver
  • Hazardous conditions
  • Overloaded or improperly loaded cargo, which leads to a rollover
  • Driver in attention
  • Brake, tire, or equipment failure
  • Jackknife accidents occurring due to trailer malfunction

When navigating a truck accident case in San Antonio, legal expertise is priceless. Not only will you not have to take on the stress of building a case, but you will be in a better position to receive maximum compensation with a truck accident attorney.  

They will take care of:

  • Gathering evidence  for your claim
  • Obtaining the official police report
  • Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Fighting  for the compensation that you deserve

Choosing the Right Lawyer

When choosing an attorney in San Antonio, you will want to find one with expertise in truck accidents. With an attorney who specializes in truck accidents, you can be sure that they have the experience, knowledge, and skill to handle your case. 

Truck accident lawyers will have the resources to investigate liability, as truck accidents may have multiple parties at fault. 

An experienced truck accident attorney will:

  • Get assistance from a reconstruction specialist to recreate the accident
  • Explore all of the possibilities that the driver may have done to cause the accident
  • Seek out the employer of the driver to see what liability they may have
  • Check to see if mechanical issues could have played a part

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Navigating Insurance Claims and Settlements

Truck accident lawyers in San Antonio are experienced in communicating and negotiating with insurance companies to receive the maximum compensation possible. They understand the tactics that insurance companies use to undermine and deny claims,  as well as how to fight against them. 

Attorneys collect as much evidence as possible so that there is solid, irrefutable proof of liability, your injuries, and your losses that need to be recovered. 

Litigation Process for Truck Accidents

The litigation process in San Antonio for truck accidents involves the following steps:

  • Gathering evidence to prove negligence and identify the liable party or parties for the accident
  • Investigating the accident to determine how it was caused
  • Filing an injury demand letter while working toward a settlement with the defendant
  • Negotiating with the trucking company’s insurance to reach a settlement offer
  • Taking the case to court, only if necessary

While this may seem like an overwhelming process, truck accident attorneys are well-versed in each step and will ensure that they are completed efficiently and successfully.

Compensation and Recovery

When you’re a victim of a truck accident, it doesn’t just take an emotional and physical toll, but a financial one, as well. The costs of recovery can be immense. 

These are just a few of the financial burdens that a truck accident attorney can help you recover:

  • Lost wages from missing work due to injuries
  • Medical bills
  • Ongoing pain management
  • Mobile repairs or replacement

Additionally, you can recover damages for physical pain and suffering if you receive a severe or life-altering injury. 

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