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Truck accidents can cause more than just damage to your vehicle. They can cause mental and physical trauma that lingers and even loss of a loved one. We at Steinger, Greene & Feiner have helped thousands of victims of truck accidents receive the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering.   Every case that comes through our door gets personalized attention and care from our attorneys. We know that each case is different, but we stand strong in our conviction and have rightfully earned our place on the Best Law Firms list.   We have the resources, experience, and results to make sure you are not pushed aside by the insurance company.

Truck drivers are hard workers, but even they sometimes cut corners or go against state safety regulations to make a delivery on time. Truck drivers are legally liable for any damages and injuries from truck accidents caused by their carelessness as well as a willful violation of federal and state safety regulations.   While the driver is responsible for their actions, the company that hired them may also be responsible. Trucking companies are on the hook for improperly trained drivers which may cause an accident.   Regardless of who is liable, the lawsuit should include compensation for:

  • Medical treatment costs, including any necessary future medical expenses
  • Lost income if a temporary or permanent absence from work or reduction in earning power results from injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death of a close family member

A Port St. Lucie truck accident lawyer will help explain all the complicated legal language to make sure you understand exactly what your case is worth. They’ll also stand in for you as a representative and ensure you get what you deserve. Steinger, Greene & Feiner has a history of helping accident victims like you obtain substantial trial verdicts or insurance settlements. Some of our past successful case results involving truck accidents include:

  • $8.1 MILLION for our client who was rear-ended by a big rig truck, sustaining severe injuries that resulted in him no longer being able to work. The victim also suffered from mental anguish and a loss of enjoyment of life.
  • $4.8 MILLION after our client was involved with an accident including an unsafe homemade trailer and a driver who hit our client after initially striking a school bus.
  • $1.4 MILLION for a client who was injured severely in a collision involving several tractor trailers. His injuries required surgery and he suffered an inability to enjoy recreational activities with his son.


Steinger, Greene & Feiner Wins Largest Slip and



$1.35 M Jury Verdict After Slip and Fall


$5.5 Million

Florida Man Awarded $5.5 Million Over Halloween Stripper


$8.197 Million

TRUCK ACCIDENT Steinger, Greene & Feiner Partners Sean


*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

Relentless Representation

Trucking accidents can throw your whole life into chaos with painful injuries, the loss of a loved one, or loss of income. Everything you know and love could be put at risk due to an accident that wasn’t your fault.   In these cases, you must choose a law firm with a proven record of fighting relentlessly for their clients. Our firm possesses more than 40 attorneys to make sure your case gets the attention it deserves so you get the compensation you deserve.

Most Common Type of Injuries Following a Truck Accident

Here are several of the most common injuries our clients suffer in truck accidents.

  • Spinal cord injuries are among the most serious injuries one can sustain. These injuries cause damage or severing the spinal cord, resulting in partial paralysis, full paralysis, or death.
  • Broken Bones can be painful and debilitating. It can cost you in lost wages, medical care, and possible future lingering issues.
  • Back and neck injuries can happen in the form of bruising, lacerations, or muscle strains. These types of injuries can take significant time to heal.
  • Head injuries can include concussions, lacerations, or damage to the eyes, nose, or mouth. They can affect brain function, reasoning, and complicate day-to-day activities.
  • Wrongful death is potentially the most traumatic injury on the list. Permanently losing a loved one results in loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, loss of wages and permanent income, and more.
  • Psychological and emotional trauma is known as an invisible injury. People can’t see this injury, though it’s just as real as any other on the list. Anxiety, triggering episodes, and even panic attacks can be a type of psychological and emotional trauma from a truck accident.

Truck Accident Reasons

There are many reasons injury victims need a truck accident lawyer from Steinger, Greene & Feiner.

  • Truck driver fatigue – There are stringent requirements and rules for truck driving concerning hours on the road and sleep requirements. Truckers normally have to log these. It is easy to tell whether or not they’ve been obeying regulations.
  • Driving while texting or using a cell phone
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Driver inattention
  • Poor, improper, or inadequate truck driver training – Our investigators make sure to find out where and how the trucker involved in your accident was trained or whether they were trained at all.
  • Disobeying federal and state laws
  • Carelessly loaded cargo – May cause cargo to fly off on the highway, damaging vehicles and injuring those in the way.
  • Inadequate safety inspections of trucks and equipment
  • Poorly maintained trucks and truck equipment
  • Defective trucks or component parts (brakes, tires, etc)
  • Violation of state or federal trucking regulations

Why Choose Us?

We at Steiner, Greene & Feiner have an arsenal of 40 attorneys with more than 140 case managers, legal assistants, legal investigators, and support staff.  That’s how we are able to give our clients the amount of attention and direction they need to fight for the compensation they deserve.   You pay no legal fees unless you win. We will treat your case with the importance it deserves every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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