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Because Port St. Lucie is the most populated municipality in St. Lucie County, Florida, there are millions of products sold to residents of this St. Lucie County city. When the products that find their way into the hands of consumers turn out to be dangerous, to damage property, to cause injury, or even to cause fatalities, the victims harmed by these problem products have legal rights. Many dangerous products make it to the market every year, some of which are recalled.

Unfortunately, recalls can cause substantial financial damage and injury before consumers are notified of problems with the products they are using. Those affected adversely by a recalled product have legal rights, but they need to know how to exercise those rights. Steinger, Greene & Feiner is here to provide the help needed by victims of recalled products. A Port St. Lucie recall attorney at our firm can be your advocate as you take appropriate legal action to get full and fair compensation for losses. Give us a call to find out more about the personalized legal advocacy our firm can offer you and to get important information about your potential case, including information about:


What Rights Do You Have After a Port st. Lucie Recall?

Product liability laws in Florida are strict, and the law makes manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and others responsible for defective products accountable for the harm their products cause. Victims, however, need to pursue a claim to take advantage of their right to compensation. You have the right to be “made whole” for damages, or fully compensated for economic and financial loss, if a product you use as intended fails to perform properly and causes you harm. Visit our Port St Lucie injury lawyer and let us help you get started with a free consultation. Don’t take the first check from the insurance company. Give us a call at (772) 200-4696 or visit our location at 507 NW Lake Whitney Pl, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986.

When a product manufacturer fails to warn you about product risks, you also have the right to recover for any losses that occur due to the absence of a warning about product dangers. When a product is recalled, this is a clear sign that something was amiss with the product. The recall should prompt you to call a lawyer if you have suffered loss so you can find out how to receive the compensation you deserve. If you live in or around Port St. Lucie, Steinger, Greene & Feiner can help.

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A personal injury can occur in a variety of ways, bu00t almost all have the same results in common. Suddenly, your life is disrupted and possibly jeopardized physically, emotionally, and financially by an accident or incident which could have been prevented.

How Can You Make A Claim For Compensation After A Product Is Recalled In Port St. LUCIE?

When you can prove you were harmed by a defective product, you can recover compensation if you can make a successful claim in civil court. Often, claims for injury cases are heard in Port St. Lucie Circuit Cour, but you may also be able to make a federal court claim or may be able to join a group of plaintiffs who have come together to sue in a class action case.

You should talk with an experienced attorney to find out what the most strategic approach is to making your claim. Steinger, Greene & Feiner can also assist you in negotiating an out-of-court settlement after a product recall of a product that caused you to experience loss or damage.

How Can A Port St. Lucie Recall Attorney Help You?

A Port St. Lucie recall attorney at Steinger, Greene & Feiner will be your advocate and your guide in your fight for compensation after a product recall. Give us a call today to find out why residents of Port St. Lucie have turned to us for help for decades and to learn how we can put our legal knowledge to work on your case. Your first consultation is always free.

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