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If you or someone you care about has been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you are aware of the seriousness of the consequences. Slip and fall accidents may result in severe brain injuries, spinal cord injury, and shattered bones, to name a few frequent injuries. Unfortunately, these injuries are not only brutal to heal from but also to pay for, and medical debt can put slip-and-fall victims in a bad financial situation.

If someone else’s negligence caused your fall, you might be able to recover more money by filing a slip and fall case. Call our Phoenix slip and fall accident lawyers at (623) 263-2626 if you or a loved one was involved in a slip and fall accident. You can also visit us at 20 E Thomas Rd, Suite 220, Phoenix, AZ 85012.


Personal Injury & Slip and Fall Case Results

$1.3 Million

For a group of men who were injured in a Chipotle Mexican Grille when the...

$1.1 Million

For the largest slip and fall verdict in Florida when a man broke his neck...

$5.5 Million

For a man injured in a shooting during a Halloween party that could have been...

$8.2 Million

For a truck driver injured on the job and unable to work his regular hours...

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*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

Falls are a common method of injury. It does not take much time for someone to lose their footing, which is precisely why property owners need to be diligent about making sure their properties are as hazard-free as possible. The truth is, many dangerous conditions can cause a slip-and-fall injury, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Wet and slick floors
  • Handrails for steps that are broken
  • Poor lighting
  • Pathways that are clogged
  • Cords that have been exposed
  • There are no warning signals.

While the property owner is not always liable for slip-and-fall incidents caused by open and obvious unsafe circumstances, you may have a viable claim if the property owner caused or permitted the condition to remain without providing a reasonable warning. The injuries that develop in severe cases can result in lasting disabilities. A powerful enough hit to the head, for example, could injure the occipital lobe, resulting in vision loss. A shattered spine, on the other hand, might leave parts of your body paralyzed.

Reviews for Our Phoenix Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip-and-fall accidents are rarely minor, and if your landlord attempts to convince you otherwise, he’s probably afraid of you making a claim. People frequently fall because someone else was careless. This could mean that a puddle in the supermarket was not properly marked or that the steps leading to your job were not cleaned after a rainstorm. After you or someone you loved has been wounded by irresponsible behavior or wrongdoing, it is critical to consider your options.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Phoenix, AZ attorneys as soon as possible following a slip and fall to make an informed decision. We have extensive expertise representing individuals who have been wounded due to no fault of their own. To schedule a free consultation, call (623) 263-2626.

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"One word comes to mind about our attorney Justin Alperstein, AWESOME!   From our first contact, he made us feel very comfortable. He is a great listener which is a

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"Handell handled my case back in September 2020. Got my money in March. Payout was More than expected. Handell is professional and communicates well. If he says he's going to

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"I am so grateful I found this company. Honesty and integrity all the way. Annie was so great to deal with, her positive attitude and strong work ethic really made

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Steinger, Greene & Feiner’s Team of Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip-and-fall accidents frequently occur due to dangerous situations on another person’s property that could have been avoided. It’s crucial to remember that a landlord or property owner is only responsible for maintaining their facilities reasonably safe.

However, if the owner fails to respond to a hazard in a timely and proper manner, they may be held liable for injuries or accidents that result. Even if you don’t have these pieces of evidence, don’t assume you don’t have enough evidence to build a case. An inquiry may discover the proof you require. Our firm’s attorney, who has extensive expertise handling slip-and-fall cases, will be able to investigate the circumstances of your accident and navigate the complexity of premises liability laws to build a strong case.

Following such serious events, our Phoenix injury lawyers have assisted several clients in obtaining large settlements. We can provide the experienced, professional, aggressive representation you need to hold the responsible party accountable if you or a loved one has been wounded due to someone else’s negligence. For a free consultation, call our law firm at (623) 263-2626. We will be able to determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.


Most Common Questions about Slip and Fall Lawsuits

What Are the Signs That You Have A Slip and Fall Case?

Accidents involving slips and falls fall under the category of ‘premises liability.’ If you have a strong case to pursue, a variety of things will be considered. What, for example, was the cause of your trip and fall? Was the property owner aware of the conditions?

Property owners in Arizona are required by law to maintain their premises secure from unreasonable harm. They are required to repair or at the very least alert visitors of any potential hazards on their land. Property owners in Arizona are required to take precautions to ensure that their property is safe for visitors. It is the responsibility of property landlords to:

  • Make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.
  • Maintain a risk-free environment
  • Display warning messages.
  • Prevent access to the property’s dangerous areas.
  • Follow all state and local safety regulations.

If property owners fail to fulfill these responsibilities and you are hurt. As a result, you may be entitled to compensation through a slip and fall case.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Slip-and-Fall Injuries?

The negligence of the property owner is usually the cause of a slip and fall accident. The following are some of the common causes of slip and fall accidents:

  • Errors in the paving
  • a ripped or worn-out carpet
  • Insecurely secured (or not secured at all) carpets for the floor
  • Water leaks that haven’t been fixed
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Slick surfaces
  • Trash or debris
  • Handrails that are damaged or broken
  • Stairs in chaos
  • Ground-level openings that are cracked or uneven
  • Tiles that have come loose or have been broken
  • Food or beverage spills
  • Sloped surfaces for walking
  • Electrical cords and wires that have not been properly enclosed or secured
  • Poor security

What Are the Most Common Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents?

Accidents involving slip and fall accidents can occur in a variety of settings, including:

  • Your property
  • places that sell things
  • Convenience stores (convenience stores)
  • supermarkets
  • Casinos\sRestaurants\sBars
  • Malls are places where people go shopping
  • Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • Parks with rides
  • Hotels
  • Passengers on cruise ships
  • Retirement residences

If You Have Been Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident, What Should You Do?

It’s preferable if you take the following steps to protect any evidence you may need in your slip and fall case:

  • Seek medical assistance. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident, seek medical help right away. If necessary, phone 911 right away. Even if you don’t believe you were seriously injured, you should get medical attention. Some injuries don’t show symptoms for hours, days, or even weeks after they happen. All documents, bills, and receipts related to your medical treatment should be kept.
  • Tell the police of the slip and fall. Notify the property owner of the incident. Give a summary of the accident. Keep copy of the documents for your records.
  • Photograph the accident site. If it’s possible, take images (and video) of the accident area as soon as possible after the slip and fall. These photos will confirm any risks on which you may have slid or tripped. Hazards can be corrected or removed, and accident scenes can vary and evolve. The more images (or videos) you take, the more helpful they will be.
  • Don’t wash or throw away your clothes or shoes. Your clothing and shoes may be crucial evidence. Even if they’re destroyed, don’t throw them away or clean them up after the accident.

Questions To Ask Your Slip and Fall Lawyer

Do you require the services of a Phoenix slip and fall attorney?

Have you suffered severe injuries due to slipping and falling on public or private land in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona? If this is the case, you are eligible for monetary compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. In Phoenix and around Arizona, our renowned litigators have recovered millions of dollars for accident victims and their families. We understand how dangerous slips and falls can be. We fight aggressively for the maximum settlement possible. Since these cases are so complicated and can be challenging to prove, it’s crucial that you contact an expert liability lawyer sooner rather than later.

What Will Our Phoenix Slip And Fall Lawyers Fight For You?

In Phoenix and throughout Arizona, we provide professional legal assistance to clients who have been injured in slip and fall accidents. Our attorneys use their extensive knowledge of Arizona statutes and legal procedures on behalf of slip and fall victims. You’re undoubtedly entitled to recoup damages if the property owner had paid attention and your slip and fall injury could have been avoided. These cases might be complicated to prove. It is important to talk to a knowledgeable premises liability attorney that has handled numerous cases similar to this in the past. Our legal team will investigate your incident independently. We’ll gather all of the facts and evidence related to your accident, question eyewitnesses, and will do everything we can to build the strongest case possible for you.

We’ll seek the support of our broad network of professionals, including accident reconstruction experts, if necessary to help you win your case. We’ll look into all potential sources of compensation in your accident, making sure that all parties responsible are held accountable.

We’ll work with you to document the full extent of your losses. This includes any fees you expect to spend in the future as a result of your injury. Our Phoenix slip and fall lawyers will aggressively negotiate with insurance adjusters and fight for a fair payment covering all of your losses. If your slip and fall claim goes to trial, our experienced trial attorneys will document the circumstances surrounding your injury and fight for total compensation. Without the help of a lawyer, recovering compensation after a slip and fall can be difficult. Managing the legal procedures required in putting up a lawsuit can be difficult.

Our Phoenix slip and fall lawyers will take care of all the legal requirements. You’ll be able to focus on what matters most: your recovery.

What Kinds of Compensation Are Available After a Slip and Fall?

Our Phoenix slip and fall injury attorneys will fight tooth and nail for all types of compensation available to you, including:

  • Medical expenses (past, present, and future)
  • Earnings that have been lost
  • Earning potential has been lost.
  • Suffering and pain
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement of the body

Every slip and fall accident is different. Without a thorough study of your case, determining your exact level of compensation is complicated. The amount of payment you’re entitled to be determined by the physical, mental, and financial harm you’ve suffered. It may take time to find out how your injuries may affect you in the future.

Is There a Time Limit on Filing a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

A premises liability injury suit in Arizona has a two-year statute of limitations. It is calculated from the day the injury happened. Suppose you are injured in a slip and fall accident in Arizona and do not file a case within a certain amount of time. In that case, you will almost certainly be prohibited from ever continuing the case.

Stages of a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Every personal injury case is unique. A slip and fall case, on the other hand, would normally include the following steps:

  • Filing the lawsuit. The lawsuit would be filed and served on the property owner in the official courtroom. (However, in some personal injury lawsuits, the defendant may agree to a settlement before a lawsuit is filed.
  • The property owner would have the option to respond to your allegations and offer its version of how the incident and your injuries occurred after filing a lawsuit.
  • Both sides would have the option to participate in a formal information-gathering procedure known as “discovery” before a case went to trial. Both sides may seek sworn written statements known as “affidavits” or sworn testimony known as “depositions” during this phase.

Trial. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will go to trial. You would have the burden of showing the property owner’s carelessness by a “preponderance of the evidence” as the plaintiff in the litigation. A jury would decide after hearing all of the evidence. The jury is usually asked to react to two questions:

  • Was there any carelessness on the part of the property owner?
  • If that’s the case, how much should you be awarded in damages?

Following the verdict, each party has the option to appeal the decision. Even if a verdict is returned at any stage during these proceedings, your attorney and the property owner may be able to arrange a settlement agreement that will end your case.