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We understand that riding your bike is a pleasurable experience as a Phoenix bicycle accident law firm. Many people ride their bikes regularly for the fresh air, physical exercise, and the release of healthful endorphins that boost their emotions.

If you enjoy riding your bike, you are aware that there are some risks involved. However, we realize that a road is a risky environment where accidents can occur any time of day. Call our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyers at (623) 263-2626 or visit us at 20 E Thomas Rd, Suite 220, Phoenix, AZ 85012.

Bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles can be deadly. They change people’s lives for the rest of their lives, and there’s nothing you can do about it if a driver isn’t paying attention to the road. If you or a loved one has been harmed in a bicycle accident involving a vehicle, contact a Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer for help.


Personal Injury & Bicycle Accident Case Results

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*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

If a careless driver caused the accident, you might be entitled to compensation. No one should have to take the burden of someone else’s negligence. Bicycle accidents are common in Arizona and around the world, and they can be devastating to bikers. The following are some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents:

  • Accidents involving hit-and-run drivers
  • Drivers that fail to stop at stop signs or lights
  • Without checking to see who is approaching, lane changes are made.
  • Violations of bike lanes
  • Sudden halts
  • Road conditions that aren’t quite right
  • Drunk driving or other traffic offenses

Bike accidents can have various effects, and how you manage the situation will determine what happens. Attorneys are familiar with situations like this and the laws of Arizona. You have the right to consult an attorney and bring a lawsuit against a driver who hits your or a loved one’s bike, but you must act quickly. Call our Phoenix personal injury lawyers right now at (623) 263-2626 to schedule a free consultation.

Reviews for Our Phoenix Bicycle Accident Lawyers

You can’t change the injuries that resulted from a bicycle accident, but you may contact Phoenix bicycle accident lawyers who know how to fight and win cases involving bicycle accidents. Our skilled attorneys could work tirelessly to obtain the damages you deserve and alleviate the financial burden that the accident has placed on you. Our firm’s attorneys are familiar with all types of accidents, including those involving cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Accidents sometimes happen, and people might be hurt due to them, even if a bicyclist is as cautious as possible.

"One word comes to mind about our attorney Justin Alperstein, AWESOME!   From our first contact, he made us feel very comfortable. He is a great listener which is a

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Lester Solomon

"Handell handled my case back in September 2020. Got my money in March. Payout was More than expected. Handell is professional and communicates well. If he says he's going to

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Kevin Chestnut

"I am so grateful I found this company. Honesty and integrity all the way. Annie was so great to deal with, her positive attitude and strong work ethic really made

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Steinger, Greene & Feiner’s Team of Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Following a bike accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Our bicycle accident lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona, will assist you in determining whether or not you have a case. They can also help you understand why, even if you don’t want to, bringing a lawsuit and demanding damages is sometimes required. Many people may not want to file a lawsuit, but the long-term financial consequences of not doing so are often catastrophic.

Catastrophic injuries impact people’s lives, and Arizona bicycle accident lawyers understand that many people are injured due to bike and automobile accidents. You might be eligible for compensation if the driver of the vehicle that hit you was careless. Allow no one to stop you from deciding to improve your future after the accident has changed its direction. Call (623) 263-2626 to speak with a bicycle accident lawyer about your case to see whether you have one and what you should do next.

Most Common Questions About Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

What should you do if you’ve been in a bicycle accident?

When you or someone you care about is involved in a bike accident, the first thing you should do is call the cops and get medical help. When a vehicle is involved, nothing a bike accident can cause in injury, from road rash to brain damage or death. You could walk away with nothing more serious than a few scrapes, or you could walk away unable to walk ever again. Even if you do not believe you have been hurt, you should seek medical assistance.

It’s unlikely that you’ll walk away unscathed from a bicycle collision, but it’s possible. It is best to see a doctor even if nothing appears to be broken or harmed. It can be difficult to determine the severity of a person’s injury right after a bike accident, so entering an ambulance at the site and undergoing a comprehensive medical evaluation at the hospital may be advantageous. Additionally, seeking immediate medical attention allows an injured individual to have documentation of their injuries, which may be useful in the future when seeking compensation.

You should contact local law enforcement to file an official accident report after receiving medical assistance. The police report for the accident will outline the events of the accident and point out who was at fault. This could come in handy if you decide to seek legal action in the future. Assume you’re in good enough health to do so, and the accident area is safe from approaching traffic. In that instance, you should try to gather as much information and proof about the accident and your injuries as possible.

The driver’s insurance information and contact information, statements and contact information from any witnesses, photographs or videos of the accident scene and vehicle damage, and pictures of the injuries you sustained are some of the most important things to seek at the accident scene.

One thing to avoid at the accident scene is speaking with the other parties involved in the crash unless necessary. This is not the moment for anyone, including motor vehicle drivers, eyewitnesses, or other cyclists, to express regret or accept blame. Anything you say at the scene or afterward to an insurance company could be used against you, limiting your ability to win a lawsuit later.

What Kinds of Injuries Do People Get After a Bike Accident?

Bicyclists frequently suffer various catastrophic injuries after being struck by a car due to the significant size difference between an automobile and a bicycle. Deep lacerations, facial disfigurement, internal organ damage, amputation, and burns are examples of such injuries. Following are three of the most common major injuries we find in bicycle accidents:

  • Bone Fractures: When you are hit by a car, the impact of the vehicle and the ground might cause injuries. Arms, legs, wrists, ankles, back, neck, face, collarbone, and pelvis fractures are the most common among cyclists.
  • Head Injuries: Even if riders wear a helmet as a precaution, head injuries such as skull fractures, contusions, concussions, traumatic brain injury, and intracranial bleeding can occur. Victims of a brain injury might have terrible and long-term consequences that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. Victims of a brain injury might have terrible and long-term consequences that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.
  • Spinal Injuries: Compression of the spine can be caused by hitting the floor, colliding with an inanimate object, or being sandwiched between your bicycle and the automobile. The injury could cut your spinal cord, leaving you paralyzed for the rest of your life.

The driver who struck me fled away from the scene. So, what do I do now?

Contact the police once and provide them as much information as possible about the vehicle that hit you. Ideally, try to get their license plate and deliver it to the cops before they flee. Even a make, model, color, and location might help authorities find the person who caused a hit-and-run accident. Make a police report and consult with an attorney. Begin constructing your case so that when the police find the driver who caused the hit-and-run, you and your attorney will be ready to take civil action right away.

Questions to Ask Your Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Do I require the services of a bicycle accident lawyer?

While your case may appear to be basic, various issues could complicate your legal processes. Hiring an attorney to protect your interests might help you improve your case and make the legal process go more smoothly. Rather than dealing with court filings and fact-finding on your own while healing from your injuries, your attorney can take care of these responsibilities for you so you can concentrate on getting better.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit in Phoenix after a bicycle accident?

Most personal injury claims filed in Arizona, including bicycle accident claims in Phoenix, are subject to a two-year statute of limitations. Because this time limit begins when a bicycle accident happens, it is critical to seek legal advice as soon as possible if you wish to pursue legal action due to your bicycle accident.

Will my case for a bicycle accident go to trial?

Personal injury laws cover a bicycle accident claim, and the vast majority of personal injury claims are resolved by settlement agreements rather than going to court. Suppose another driver is to blame for your bicycle accident. In that case, it is usually often in both of your best interests to reach a quick and mutually acceptable settlement rather than go to court. Your Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer can assist you in understanding what to expect during settlement discussions and prepare you for trial if that is not possible.

In a bicycle-motor car accident, is the driver always at fault?

When a motor vehicle driver and a bike collide, the motor vehicle driver nearly invariably bears the brunt of the blame. Bicyclists in Arizona enjoy many of the same rights and obligations as motor vehicle drivers.

What happens if I am found partially at fault for my bicycle accident?

Arizona has a comparative negligence statute that permits a plaintiff to recover damages even if they are partially to blame for the damages, but only to the extent that their responsibility does not exceed the defendants. Under this comparative negligence statute, any culpability greater than 50% would render the plaintiff’s right to compensation void.

Is it possible to pursue a legal claim if my bicycle accident was caused by a road flaw or a safety concern with the road?

It may still be possible to seek compensation for your damages if the party responsible for your bicycle accident is a government agency in charge of road maintenance and safety. Taking legal action against the government, on the other hand, is very different from taking legal action against a private company. Many government agencies are protected from civil liability by sovereign immunity. While these agencies may have a claims process in place for damages caused by their personnel, programs, or services, navigating these processes without legal help is extremely difficult. Claimants’ recovery options are often limited.

During my accident, I was not wearing a helmet. Is this going to result in a partial fault in my case?

Bicyclists under the age of 18 are only required to wear helmets in Phoenix. If you’re an adult riding a bike in Phoenix, you have the option of wearing a helmet or not. While wearing a helmet is a good idea and can reduce the chance of severe brain damage in a bicycle accident, a bicyclist should not be held responsible for the irresponsibility of others. Whether or not you were wearing a bicycle helmet at the time, if another party caused your accident, they are accountable for your damages.

After a bicycle accident, what should I expect from an insurance claim?

After an accident, getting insurance is frequently the first step toward getting back on your feet. If you can submit an insurance claim after a bicycle accident, it’s a good idea to hire an attorney to help you construct your claim. This lessens the chances of your claim being denied and errors interfering with the processing of your claim. Consult an attorney right away if an insurance company is extremely contentious, denies your claim unjustly, or engages in any other bad faith tactics.

Stages of a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

The legal process begins at the accident scene. If you are conscious and able, photograph the accident scene, your bicycle, and the other vehicle involved. Obtain all witnesses’ names and phone numbers. Make a police report and call the cops. When speaking with law enforcement officers, tread cautiously. They need to know what happened but be careful not to blame themselves for any aspect of the disaster. Anything you say will be used against you in the future. Keep your clothes safe. They might come in handy later as evidence.

Seek medical help right away: It’s easy to feel you’re not hurt, only to wake up with aches and pains from an accident the next day. If you wait too long to seek care, the insurance company may try to blame your injury on something other than the accident.

Don’t say anything about the insurance adjuster: The driver’s insurance adjuster will contact you shortly after the accident and ask you to give a recorded statement regarding the event. You are not required by law to do so, and it is strongly advised that you do not. Adjusters work for the insurance company, no matter how nice and sensitive they appear to be. They don’t work for injured people, and your remarks can easily be twisted to blame you for the accident, at least in part.

Getting the lawsuit started: Your attorney will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf after reviewing the facts of the case, including the police and investigative reports. The plaintiff is you, and the defendant is the person you’re using.

Discovery Process: The discovery procedure follows filing a lawsuit, a procedure known as discovery begins. Witnesses are interviewed and may be questioned under oath during a deposition. Medical specialists examine your medical records to establish the extent of your injuries and your prospects for recovery. Experts in the field of employment may be consulted to assess your future ability to work and whether or not you will require any job retraining. An expert accident reconstruction team may be required. Financial advisors will assess the current and prospective amount of your financial loss.

Procedures for settling disputes: Following the completion of discovery, the insurer will most likely make a settlement offer, or your attorney may initiate settlement negotiations or issue a settlement demand. If a reasonable settlement can be reached, the terms will be written down and presented to the court for approval and conversion into a court decision.

Taking the case to trial: If a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer will vigorously present your case in trial.