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Orlando truck accident attorneys are usually necessary. Every collision with a truck is far more complicated than a car for several reasons. Not only do truck accidents cause more damage, but there will likely be product damage and maybe even workers’ compensation involved in the case.

Of course, every truck accident case is unique and requires the expertise of a lawyer who understands auto accidents, personal injury, property damage, and workers’ compensation law. All these facets are vital to the overall success of your truck accident case. As a commercial driver, injured during the course of your work, you should be represented fairly.

Truck Accident Lawsuits – No-Fee Guarantee™ & No Obligation

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Our Orlando Truck Accident Attorneys work on a contingency fee, which means if we do not win your case, you do not pay us a penny. Working with a lawyer will net you on average 3X more settlement money than if you decide to go through the insurance company yourself.

Call us first to decide if you have a case that we can help you win. There is no obligation to use our services, but we can and will help you find answers. If you decide you want to move further, allow our attorneys then we highly recommend you hire a Steinger, Greene & Feiner personal injury lawyer to fight for you and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve! Speak with an attorney right now: (407) 289-0020. Visit us at our Orlando location at 5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd, Suite 300, Orlando, Florida, 32839.

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*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

Let Steinger, Greene & Feiner Represent You

Truck accidents can be packed full of emotional and financial distress. It can result in confusion and failure to do what is necessary. Just as you are dedicated to your profession, the attorneys at Steinger, Greene & Feiner are dedicated to theirs. Our Orlando truck accident attorney will:

  • Identify who is the liable party – Determining who is truly liable for the accident is no easy task. The law is complicated. But ignorance of the is not a valid defense. Find a lawyer to help you navigate this complicated issue.
  • Investigate the accident – You can rest assured that a truck accident attorney will get into an in-depth investigation of the accident. He or she will also review all aspects of the claim so that a solid argument can be made for your case.
  • Apply the best strategy – Good strategies win cases and that is true in auto accidents as it is in any other case. From start to finish, we know exactly how to strategize to ensure you get the result you want.
  • Make negotiations – It is difficult to reach a settlement with a trucking company or insurance provider without a truck accident attorney because these cases tend to be more complicated.
  • Provide knowledge and experience – Our vast knowledge and experience as Orlando truck accident attorneys give us the insight needed to know how to increase your chances of winning your case, even under the direst circumstances.

Therefore, it is very important to rely on the experience and expertise of an Orlando truck accident attorney to defend the rights of the victims.

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How Truck Accident Lawsuits Work

When the incident involves a commercial truck, then the employer of the truck driver will be held liable. Likewise, if a mechanic has done a faulty repair, then he can also be held responsible for any part that repair may have played in causing the accident. This is called comparative negligence.

The truck company will only be held accountable for the accident if the driver is currently employed. On the other hand, a third party can be held liable if the incident was caused by cargo that wasn’t properly loaded. Truck accidents are generally not black and white.

At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we provide a free, no-obligation consultation for truck accident cases. We are confident that we have an expert and experienced Orlando truck accident attorney to help you win the case.

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How Florida Law Affects Truck Accidents

It is no secret that truck accidents happen on a regular basis, leaving people injured and in dire need of assistance. Moreover, truck accidents are among the most common causes of serious injuries or death. Our Orlando personal injury attorneys have fought for over 32,000 clients and won over $1 Billion. Let us fight for you. Call us now: (407) 289-0020.
We at Steinger, Greene & Feiner understand that it is not easy being a victim of a truck crash. Not only does it cause devastating physical injuries but also emotional and financial stress.

If you happen to be a victim of a truck accident because of the negligence of another driver, our law firm is going to help you. Our Orlando truck accident lawyer has years of experience, helping hundreds of clients get well-deserved compensation after a traumatic incident.

All truck accidents in Florida are tried according to the following legal precedents.

Size & Weight Restrictions: at the time of the accident, the truck should be following all length, overhang, height, width, and weight requirements as per Florida law. If there are any discrepancies, inform your lawyer immediately.

–  Time Restrictions: Following all Florida driving time restrictions which can vary between 10 and 12 hours of daily driving.

Distracted Driving: Florida law takes commercial driving seriously and has banned any form of texting and driving for commercial drivers.

Alcohol & Drug Testing: Commercial vehicle operators are supposed to consent to be drug tested as part of the requirements to maintain their employment status.

If you believe you broke any of these laws before or during the truck accident, then tell your lawyer immediately. And before you make any judgment calls about your accident, remember that some of these details can be very specific and you may not have broken any laws. So always discuss this with a qualified Orlando truck accident attorney before you decide what you want to do next.

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