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Pedestrian accidents can have life-changing consequences. These accidents change the lives of the people involved and come sometimes require a lot of medical care. These situations are beyond repair. Being hit by a car can cause major pain and suffering, some of it mental anguish, anxiety, fear, and depression. It’s important you speak with an Orlando pedestrian accident attorney to learn about your legal options. Our Orlando personal injury attorneys have fought for over 32,000 clients and won over $1 Billion. Let us fight for you. Call us now: (407) 289-0020.

And these accidents can happen quickly. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, “In 2019, according to GHSA, pedestrian deaths were up 5 percent compared to the year prior, with 6590 pedestrians killed, the highest number since 1988. That total translates to 2.0 deaths per 100,000 people, which is the highest since 1997.” (Car and Driver)

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If you are a cyclist or bicyclist who has been injured after an accident, the experienced pedestrian accident attorneys at Steinger, Greene & Feiner can help you. Call our offices in Orlando at (407) 289-0020 or visit us at our Orlando location at 5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd, Suite 300, Orlando, Florida, 32839.

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*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

Why Steinger, Greene & Feiner

For over 23 years, Steinger, Greene & Feiner’s lawyers have been helping victims of pedestrian accident injuries get money from claims that will help them recover. Anyone who has been hit by a car or whose family member suffering from other people’s negligence can trust and rely on Steinger, Greene & Feiner’s legal expertise. Our Orlando pedestrian accident attorneys will fight for every penny of the compensation you deserve.

Your pedestrian accident case will then be escalated to an attorney. If you have any questions about your case, please do not hesitate to ask. Our Orlando team is here to help you and educate you about your rights as a victim of a pedestrian accident injury.

The emotional and psychological impacts of a pedestrian accident or losing a loved one can be devastating. Alongside with financial burden for medical bills and loss of income, it can also be confusing deciding or knowing where to start or how to start filing a claim. That’s where the help of a personal injury lawyer comes into play. Working with a pro takes all the guesswork out of the legal process.

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Orlando Pedestrian Laws

Most of the laws for pedestrians in Orlando are the same as the laws for pedestrians all over Florida. Most pedestrians are bound by the Florida statute that states failure to cross a street in a crosswalk where required will result in a ticket. (FL 316.130(11))

Though we urge anyone who believes they were at fault or not at fault for a pedestrian accident to call an experienced Orlando pedestrian accident attorney. Do not make the judgment call yourself. Instead, explains your case and the circumstances to a legal professional who can then evaluate your case and ensure that you can recoup some damages if not all.

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Pedestrian-Vehicle Accidents

All drivers have to display what’s referred to as a duty of care in which they have to offer themselves up to the road fully, to concentrate on their driving, and to reinsure that their driving does not endanger others who share the road include other cars, bicycles, and pedestrians.

A driver breaches their duty of care and is considered negligent if they have operated their vehicle under the following circumstances:

  • Driving while distracted (texting or eating).
  • Driving under the influence (of drugs or alcohol).
  • Driving aggressively (road rage, speeding, or swerving).
  • Driving negligently (not following the rules of the road).

If I driver is found to have been driving negligently or breaching their duty of care, and that can be proven, then the damages owed to the pedestrian victim will likely increase.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians can also take measures to ensure they are maintaining their safety on the road.

Remember the pedestrian safety tips you learned when you were a kid? It still works and even though sometimes we can forget how important it is to follow these simple rules.

  • Look left, right, and left again when crossing a street.
  • Stay on sidewalks where possible.
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street.
  • If you are walking in dark areas or at night, be sure to do what you can to remain visible to cars.
  • Young children should always be accompanied by an adult and should cross the street with adults.
  • Use your eyes and your ears to remain extra aware of cars around you.

Some pedestrian accidents are of course unavoidable, but you can do everything in your power to be a part of the solution and to at the very least, look after their safety and the safety of young children in their care.

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