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Steinger, Greene & Feiner is one of the few Orlando class action attorneys that has over 23 years’ experience in personal injury throughout Florida and the South Eastern United States.

We have served more than 32,000 clients and collected more than $1 Billion in settlements and claims. It brings a sense of deep satisfaction when we can give our clients the check for the compensation they deserve. And that’s what we fight for every day. We fight for the people who have been victimized by premises negligence, product recalls, and knowingly unfair treatment at the hands of companies and organizations who have their trust.

A class-action lawsuit is your chance to get the compensation you deserve. It’s a chance for some to take control of their lives and fix the wrongs done to them. Though some class action rebates are smaller than others, everyone gets the compensation they deserve.

Class Action Lawsuit – No-Fee Guarantee™ & No Obligation

Our Orlando class action attorneys don’t make a single penny until they win your case. While we fight your case, you don’t have to worry about anything except recovery. Our lawyers will work with you to ensure you understand the process. We will guide you through medical examinations, document preparation, and all legal proceedings.

We are in your corner; every step of the way. The Attorneys at Steinger, Greene & Feiner have the experience to take on a class-action lawsuit and fight. Our firms are all over the South East United States and each office is filled with lawyers who have fought hundreds if not thousands of personal injury cases.

When you are ready to take the first step, give our Orlando office a call and we will answer all questions you have to make sure you feel comfortable about the possible class action lawsuit. Speak with a legal expert here: (407) 289-0020 or visit us at our Orlando location at 5401 South Kirkman Road, Suite 310, Orlando, FL, 32819.


Steinger, Greene & Feiner Wins Largest Slip and



$1.35 M Jury Verdict After Slip and Fall


$5.5 Million

Florida Man Awarded $5.5 Million Over Halloween Stripper


$8.197 Million

TRUCK ACCIDENT Steinger, Greene & Feiner Partners Sean


*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

What to Expect From Steinger, Greene & Feiner

It can seem confusing; exactly how do you file a class action lawsuit?

A class action or class action lawsuit can be filed by one or more individuals against one defendant. This type of lawsuit is designed for circumstances wherein several people have been into an incident because of the actions done by the defendant.

If each plaintiff is to claim the damages, they will be too small to make individual claims. So, the appropriate way to file such a lawsuit is to do it by group or class against the alleged person’s wrongdoing.

At the same time, the injuries suffered by the plaintiffs and the allegations they have made must be the same as the other members of the class. Consequently, they need to be certified by a judge first so that they can proceed with the class action lawsuit.

Therefore, with the help of an Orlando class action attorney, they can be guided accordingly. Rest assured your class action lawsuit will be handled by a team of professionals at Steinger, Greene & Feiner.

Why Hire A Orlando Class Action Attorney

We understand how tiny a class action lawsuit can be when filed individually. Plaintiffs may settle each of them outside of court where they each receive a portion of the settlement, such as in the form of cash, a refund, a service, or a familiar benefit.

But it may not put to justice the alleged person’s wrongful act towards several people or even more in the future. Hence, when you hire an Orlando class action attorney, he or she will ensure that:

  • It will not cost you nearly as much in comparison to filing an individual claim. This is because all plaintiffs of the class action lawsuit are going to split the costs equally. As a result, this will help cut the costs for all parties and enable them to afford a proven and knowledgeable class action attorney.
  • The road to earning financial compensation for you and your loved ones will be easier, the moment the litigation process has started with the lead plaintiff. Although this may include many plaintiffs, each of them will receive awards for financial compensation depending on the judgment of the case.
  • The class-action lawsuit will run a lot smoother and quicker for all parties involved. That is because it is efficient for judges to handle as it combines many claims into one.

Remember that a class action lawsuit does require some prep work. This is why we always recommend speaking with a lawyer before you make any filings.

How Class Action Lawsuit Works

A class-action lawsuit can be a long process. After all, these lawsuits typically pit major corporations against the general public and those affected by negligence and poor decision making. Before you can file a class-action lawsuit, you have to keep these pointers in mind.

  • All plaintiffs filing the class action lawsuit must have similar claims for damages against a company or employer. The one who will file the case and represent the group will be the Lead Plaintiff.
  • The Lead Plaintiff must file his or her claim first and then requests that the court will certify the class. And thus, he or she must be willing to fight for the best outcome and not just for his or her interests.
  • Only the Lead Plaintiff can participate in the case unless another plaintiff has additional evidence to show to court.
  • Any recovery amount decided by the court must be divided among all plaintiffs. However, the Lead Plaintiff is entitled to compensation by participating and spending time handling the lawsuit.

Each case presents its own unique challenges and consulting with an experienced, seasoned, veteran class action attorney is your best course of action. These lawsuits require hours or detailed research and examination and should only be handled by attorneys with the experience to take on the challenge. Our Orlando personal injury attorneys have fought for over 32,000 clients and won over $1 Billion. Let us fight for you. Call us now: (407) 289-0020.

Let Us Take It from Here

Our team at Steinger, Greene & Feiner has handled numerous class action lawsuits successfully over the years. Hiring an Orlando class action attorney from us will ensure you have made the right decision. Speak with a dedicated, experienced attorney who has handled class action lawsuits in Orlando right now. You may be entitled to damages.

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