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Manufacturers have a responsibility to the public not to produce and release dangerous and defective products that cause injury. When a manufacturer fails to live up to its obligations and you or a loved one is hurt, an Orlando defective product attorney at Steinger, Greene & Feiner can help.

Everyone responsible for getting the defective product into your hands, from the manufacturer to the distributor to the reseller, could potentially be held legally liable and made to pay damages after a product causes injury. Give our Orlando defective product attorneys a call today to learn how to take action and get the compensation you deserve.

Defective Product Claims

Under the laws in Florida, those who produce and sell products have a legal obligation to make sure those products are safe for the public. Any time a manufacturer falls short of fulfilling this obligation, the manufacturer can be held legally responsible for the consequences. This means that there is no requirement that the injured victim prove the manufacturer was negligent, as there would be in other types of injury claims such as car accident cases.

A product manufacturer can also be held responsible for failing to warn users of the dangers of its products. For example, if the manufacturer of a new medication doesn’t tell patients that it causes a dangerous side effect, then this could be considered a clear case of negligent failure to warn.

No matter what legal argument the victim makes to argue that the manufacturer was to blame for the injury, one thing is always true: the victim needs to prove a clear link between the defective product and the harm that occurred. In other words, the victim needs to prove the product caused injury. An experienced Orlando defective product lawyer can help injured victims meet this burden.

Compensation for Harm Caused by Defective Products

An Orlando defective products lawyer can assist you in recovering compensation for:

  • Medical bills and costs

  • Lost income/wages

  • Pain and suffering damages

  • Emotional distress damages

  • Wrongful death damages if a loved one has been killed because of a product defect

Your attorney will also help you to determine who should be held accountable and how you should pursue your claim. Defective products cases often occur as class actions or multi-district litigations because there are many people who experience the same harm. However, you do not necessarily have to become part of a larger litigation and your attorney will help you decide if this is the best choice. Your Orlando defective product attorney can also assist you in making a decision about whether to settle a claim outside of court or have your day in front of a judge or jury.

How Much Can Steinger, Greene & Feiner Get You?

The Orlando defective products lawyers at Steinger, Greene & Feiner have a long history of representing clients injured by defective products and we can represent you if you were hurt by a dangerous drug, defective medical product, malfunctioning automobile or any other type of product that hurt you when used as intended.

Give us a call ator contact us online today to learn more about how we can help with your defective product claim.



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