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Driving through Miami Springs, or any other section of our beautiful city, puts you at risk for a car accident and the need to hire a personal injury lawyer. It really is that simple. Every time you slip behind the wheel, you are taking a chance. If you have been injured in a car wreck that wasn’t your fault in Miami Springs, you have rights. Our experienced team of attorneys is ready to stand by your side to ensure those rights are upheld.

At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, our team of Miami Springs car accident attorneys has been representing victims like you since 1997. We have been able to collect more than $1 billion for those victims and their families.


Even a minor fender bender may require the experience of an attorney. At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we offer free consultations. This means that you don’t have to worry about the severity of your accident and whether or not you could benefit from an attorney. It’s our job to help you make that decision. We will review the details of your accident during your case evaluation and help you move forward.

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Steps to Take After Your Car Accident in Miami Springs

Medical attention should be your first step following a Miami Springs car accident. Even if you believe that you haven’t been injured, let a medical professional make the final diagnosis. Your injuries may not be evident for several days and neglecting medical attention could hurt your future personal injury case.

It’s very important that you do not admit fault in the aftermath of your wreck. Be very cautious about what you say to the other driver or to any witnesses. You aren’t a medical professional and you aren’t a police officer investigating the scene; make the wise choice to stay silent.

When you are speaking to the other driver, the only information you should exchange is contact info and your insurance policy number. Wait for law enforcement to arrive and answer questions that are asked. Don’t offer your opinion. Make sure you are sticking to the facts.

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Make a Call to a Miami Springs Car Accident Attorney

You may be surprised at the number of people who fail to reach out to a car accident attorney after a Miami Springs crash. You’re going to be dealing with insurance companies and chances are that you will receive a settlement offer in the coming weeks. Don’t assume that this is the best the insurance company can do. The first offer you get is often low; the insurance company hopes you will take it quickly and, when you do, your case is over.

Before you decide to accept any offer from an insurance company, call our experienced Miami Springs car accident lawyers. We can review the settlement offer and help you determine if you are entitled to more. Insurance companies are looking out for themselves, not you.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Miami Springs?

Miami Springs is a small city perhaps most well-known for the expansive Miami Springs Golf and Country Club. That means people from all over the area come to Miami Springs to hit the links in a beautiful setting. With so many people coming to the city, in addition to people who already live here, car accidents are bound to happen.

In 2017, there were nearly 66,000 car wrecks in Miami-Dade County. These wrecks led to 285 deaths and 32,389 injuries. On average between 2015 and 2017, there were 64,502 car accidents in the county. The yearly average of traffic fatalities was 306, while there was an annual average of 32,844 injuries.

The good news is, most accidents result in little more than property damage or minor injuries. The bad news is, some wrecks are so bad that they make the headlines. Some of the most notable car accidents in 2019 in Miami Springs and the surrounding area include:

If you or your loved one was injured or killed in a wreck, you have legal options. Schedule a free consultation with a Miami Springs car accident lawyer to learn how much compensation you may be owed. ¡Se habla español!

Popular Roads in Miami Springs

One of the main roads in Miami Springs is Curtiss Parkway. This road bisects the city and leads from E Okeechobee Road and NW 36th Street, straight through the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club. Before reaching E Okeechobee Road, Curtiss Parkway converges at a roundabout with other major roads. This includes Westward Drive which, as the name suggests, heads west until it meets NW 67th Avenue.

These are some of the most popular roads in Miami Springs. When rush hour hits, these roads commonly get backed up with traffic. However, most of Miami Springs is made up of small residential roads. Many commuters will try to avoid traffic on main roads by taking these smaller roads, which only leads to more traffic.

What Causes Accidents in Miami Springs?

While traffic on the highways that border Miami Springs typically moves pretty fast, traffic within the city is usually much slower. That can frustrate a lot of drivers and cause them to drive aggressively. They may speed in residential areas, blowing through stop signs and red lights and ignoring yield signs. Speeding and ignoring traffic control devices are two of the top causes of accidents in Miami Springs.

Another major cause of car accidents is distracted driving. It’s all too common to see drivers looking at their phones, the radio or paying attention to other distractions rather than the road in front of them. Other major causes of car accidents in Miami Springs include drunk driving, drowsy driving, reckless driving, and more.

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