Steinger, Greene & Feiner Walks to Support Brain Injury Awareness

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month, and on Saturday, March 4th, 2017, advocates joined forces to raise money and awareness for brain injuries and prevention in Sunrise, Florida. Brain Injury Association of Florida’s (BIAF) Annual WalkAbout Brain Injury supports the more than 136,000 Florida families impacted by traumatic brain injuries (TBI) each year.  The Steinger, Greene & Feiner Team, as well as their families, came together to support this important cause on Saturday morning.

This weekend’s event was a fun-filled, family event, which included vendors, food, family activities and a 1-mile group walk around the Sunrise Athletic Complex.

Founded in 1985, BIAF is the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to inform, educate, support and advocate on behalf of traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors, their families and caregivers.

WalkAbout started in Tallahassee, Florida in 2014 with less than 50 people and has grown to 4 cities and over 1,200 participants. For every dollar donated, 85 cents supports Brain Injury Association of Florida’s programs and services.

Brain injuries affect more people than HIV, breast cancer and spinal cord injury combined. Nearly everyone is at risk, but families with athletes, toddlers, teenagers, seniors and soldiers are affected the most. Falls are the most common cause of TBI, especially among children and the elderly. Nearly 20 percent of all brain injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Other primary causes include sports accidents and recreational accidents, such as injury while on a playground or while riding an ATV.

This “silent epidemic” disrupts and can permanently change lives. Awareness is the key to changing the landscape for families impacted by brain injury.

If someone causes a brain injury in South Florida as a result of negligent actions or wrongdoing, the individual or company can be responsible for compensating the victim and family members for all of the health issues that result. Our team at Steinger, Greene & Feiner can assist injured victims and families assess whether someone was to blame for causing the injury and pursue a claim. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help.