Shooting Victim Suing Condo Association

On October 12, a woman in Boynton Beach was critically wounded after her ex-boyfriend shot her. According to reports, the victim, Yuly Solano, had been dating a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy for about seven months before they broke up about three weeks ago. The deputy, Michael Anthony DeMarco, came to the Inlet Harbor Club condominiums in his marked cruiser, where Solano lives, while he was on duty. He shot her, and then killed himself.

The Boynton Beach Police Department recently released the five-minute audio from the 911 call placed by Solano. Within the audio, Solano asks for help, and a few seconds later, sirens of emergency responders can be heard.

According to Solano’s neighbor, DeMarco, Solano and her daughter stayed with a relative when her condominium complex lost power after Hurricane Irma. When they returned to the condo, Solano broke up with him “out of the blue.” DeMarco apparently went into a deep depression, and was on medication.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Solano has filed a lawsuit against the condominium association. She has hired Steinger, Greene & Feiner to represent her. In a statement,

“Thursday’s unfortunate shooting of Ms. Solano may have been preventable as multiple claims and evidence illustrate the harassment the unarmed mother reported both to her condominium association and management office prior to the shooting,”

In addition to the condominium association, further lawsuits may be brought against the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, with whom DeMarco had been employed since 1995. The sheriff’s office may have had warning of DeMarco’s state of mind, if not his intentions.

“It is my belief that one or more individuals must have knowledge of what drove Mr. DeMarco to act the way he did. I question, were there actions there that were missed by the authorities?”

As of now, no legal action is being taken against the sheriff’s office.

Solano suffered from a punctured lung and liver, and was stable but in critical condition after the shooting. She was able to talk after the incident, which Solano’s coworker and friend Yeni Gonzalez called “a good sign.”

In late September, DeMarco filed an action, requesting Solano return a box spring, a mirror and a mattress. In total, the action claimed these items were worth about $2,500. The first pretrial conference was scheduled for November 1.

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