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Cyclists are especially vulnerable on the roads of Houston, Texas. If a cyclist gets into an accident with a motor vehicle, the injuries can often be severe or even deadly. That’s why it’s vital to always be observant of your surroundings while sharing a road with drivers. However, even the most careful cyclists can still be involved in an accident, and when accidents occur, it’s important to seek the expertise of a Houston bicycle accident lawyer to navigate the aftermath.

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If you were injured by a driver while on a bicycle, Steinger, Green & Feiner can help. Our personal injury lawyers are experts in bicycle accident cases, well-practiced at negotiation, and have the resources to be confident that you will recover the maximum amount of financial compensation for your injuries.

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Houston

Cyclists are required to obey the same traffic laws, rules, and responsibilities as motorists. Most bicycle accidents are preventable if both motorists and cyclists share the road responsibly. 

The top causes are usually a result of human error.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and the cause of many types of accidents. These accidents are a result of the driver being distracted by their cell phone, other passengers, eating, and even just using their navigational system. The second your eyes are off the road, you are vulnerable to an accident occurring. 

Failure to Yield

Many accidents occur due to drivers and bicyclists refusing to yield when they are meant to, or they’re unaware of when they should be yielding. 


When drivers travel at higher speeds, it becomes more difficult to react quickly to avoid bicyclists on the road. When speeding is the cause of an accident, it increases the likelihood that the injuries will be more severe. 


Drunk driving drastically reduces the driver’s cognitive abilities, including being able to react quickly and make good judgments. 

Aggressive Driving

Motorists often refuse to give cyclists the right-of-way or share the road, leading to aggressive driving. 

This could include: 

  • Following a bicyclist too closely
  • Honking or flashing their lights
  • Yelling at or threatening the bicyclist
  • Dangerous passing
  • Accelerating to pass a rider, then turning directly in front of them

Dangerous Road Conditions

Many bike injuries can result simply from the roads not being maintained properly. 

Riding at Night

Most bicyclist deaths occur between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. as they become less visible to drivers if they’re not wearing reflective gear while riding. 

Rider Inattention

Bicyclists can cause accidents when they’re not focused by veering into oncoming traffic or failing to stay in the designated bicycle lane. 

Understanding Liability in Bicycle Accidents

Texas is a modified comparative negligence state, so you can create a case to receive compensation if you are less than 51% at fault for the accident. If it’s decided that you are more than 51% at fault, you can’t make a case. 

If it’s decided you are less than 51% at fault, you can seek compensation for a variety of damages

In order to prove that the driver is at fault, four things must be proven: 

  • Duty: The driver had a duty to abide by traffic laws and drive safely around cyclists
  • Breach: The driver failed to meet this duty
  • Causation: The driver’s breach caused the accident and the cyclist’s injuries
  • Damages: The cyclist suffered a form of identifiable harm as a result of the injuries

What Compensation Can You Expect? 


Economic losses have a quantifiable dollar figure or a clear value related to them. 

These damages can include: 

  • Medical bills, including medical expenses you will face in the future
  • Lost earnings due to the inability to work as a result of injury, medical treatments, and temporary disability
  • Loss of future earnings if you are disabled as a result of the accident


Non-economic losses are more difficult to quantify financially as they are more personal and subjective in nature. 

These losses could include: 

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional distress
  • Psychological harm
  • Disfigurement

Steps To Take After a Bicycle Accident in Houston

Move to Safety

In the aftermath of a collision, immediately get off the road and move to a safe spot to avoid any oncoming traffic.

Call the Police

If you are injured, in shock, or can’t get the driver’s details, call the police right away. They will be able to assist you and create an accident report. 

Seek Medical Care

Even if you feel fine, you should still make a trip to see a doctor. Injuries can take days to show up and may not be visible. 

Take Photos

Gather as much information as possible at the accident scene, particularly photos of the scene, the vehicle, the bike, and your injuries. 


If you decide to pursue a claim, witnesses will play a huge part in helping you recover compensation. 

Don’t Discuss Fault

Never discuss or admit fault at the scene of the accident or discuss the accident on social media. 

Contact an Experienced Houston Bike Accident Lawyer

Find a lawyer who is experienced in these cases so they can assist you in putting together your case. 

Navigating a case involving a bicycle accident can be incredibly complex. That’s why Steinger, Greene & Feiner are here to help you every step of the way. 

 Our lawyers will:

  • Provide expert legal advice
  • Investigate your accident
  • Gather evidence
  • Calculate your economic and non-economic losses
  • Determine fault
  • Negotiate a fair settlement
  • Deal with insurance companies
  • Represent you in court
  • Secure compensation
  • Meet deadlines

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon After the Accident Should I Contact a Lawyer?

When reaching out to a lawyer about your accident, sooner is better than later. That way, they can help you with the case from the very beginning. 

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Bicycle Accident?

Both cyclists and drivers can be held liable in a bicycle accident, depending on the circumstances. It’s also possible that there could be a third party involved that created a situation that caused the accident. 

Can I Seek Compensation Even if I Was Partially at Fault?

In Texas, you can seek compensation if you were less than 51% at fault

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Bicycle Accident in Texas?

In Texas, you have two years from the date of the crash to file a lawsuit. 

Do I Have To Go to Court To Get Compensation?

It is possible to negotiate with the insurance company of the at-fault party to receive a settlement. However, insurance companies usually offer lower compensation than when it’s brought to the courtroom. 

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Houston?

At Steinger, Green & Feiner, we work on a contingency basis. You won’t have to pay anything until we win. 

What if the Driver Who Hit Me Doesn’t Have Insurance?

If the driver who hit you doesn’t have insurance, it’s possible that with the right plans, your insurance could cover the costs. Otherwise, you may have to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. 

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