Truck Accident – Illegal driving maneuvers

In the State of Florida, Title XXIII of the Florida Statutes sets forth the rules for motor vehicles and Chapter 316 is the State Uniform Traffic Control code. There are many different rules for truck drivers and operators of motor vehicles, such as rules for traffic lights; use of signals; speed; and all other aspects of vehicle operation. If a driver violates traffic safety rules, the violations may be classified as illegal driving maneuvers. Illegal driving maneuvers are one of the leading causes of truck accidents.

According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study, truck drivers made illegal driving maneuvers while operating 13,000 of the 141,000 large trucks which were involved in crashes causing fatal or serious injuries during the study period. In total, illegal maneuvers were estimated to have contributed to causing nine percent of total collisions involving large trucks. Tailgating, cargo shifts, and external distractions all caused fewer collisions than illegal driving maneuvers, while speeding and brake problems were more common causes of truck accidents.

Some common examples of illegal traffic maneuvers which can result in truck crashes include truck drivers traveling in the wrong direction on a roadway; truckers turning from the wrong lane; truckers making U-turns in prohibited areas or turning in prohibited areas; and illegal passing.

If a truck driver’s actions were a violation of Florida’s traffic safety statutes, evidence of the violation may create a presumption that the truck driver was negligent. If a victim of a truck accident pursues a legal claim for compensation for accident losses, victims generally must prove negligence was the direct cause of the collision and resulting damages. The presumption of negligence can make it easier to meet the burden of proof.