Environmental Injury – Cancer

According to Cancer Facts and Figures, there were 121,240 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the state of Florida over the course of 2016.  

Female breast cancer was the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the state of Florida, with 16,770 new breast cancer diagnoses during 2016. Male prostate cancer was the second most commonly diagnosed cancer, at 13,310 new cases in Florida in 2016. Urinary and bladder cancer were the least common of the major cancers to be diagnosed in Florida, with just 5,940 new instances.

Cancer has many different causes, but unfortunately environmental exposure to toxins is one of the leading reasons why cancer develops. Cancer may occur due to exposure to chemicals or toxins; contaminated groundwater, air pollution, defective drugs, and exposure to cigarette smoke, among many other things.

In many cases, companies which contaminate the environment or expose consumers to toxins can be held accountable for a victim’s cancer. A company could be made to pay damages if it is possible to prove that environmental exposure caused by a company was the direct cause of a cancer diagnosis. This is easier with certain cancers, such as mesothelioma, since it usually develops only due to exposure to asbestos.

Since cancer can develop slowly over time and since pinpointing the specific cause of cancer can be difficult, it is often hard to successfully make an environmental injury claim based on cancer. An experienced attorney can provide assistance in  proving the cause of cancer and exploring different approaches to obtain compensation for victims.