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Dog bites and attacks can be frightening and lead to serious physical injury. There is no justification for a dog owner to allow their pet to become out of control and attack someone. If you had been the victim of a dog attack, you know how it feels. Medical bills that come after a dog bite injury are usually very costly; you have the right to hold the dog owner liable and to get compensation from him.

Our law firm has been a leader in representing the rights of dog bite victims in Fort Myers. More often, it’s not the dog that is at the source of the dog bite attack. Usually, the owner’s inadequate training, behavior, and failure to control or properly control their dog. The dog caretaker may encourage aggressive behavior in the alternative, which led to the dog bite or dog attack. There are laws that say that if a dog attacks another person, the dog owner will be strictly liable for their dog’s actions.

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Our team of lawyers will make sure you get the medical attention you need to help overcome these psychological hurdles following your dog bite or dog attack. We understand that dog bite and dog attack cases require an understanding, caring, empathetic and compassionate lawyer to handle your case and truly know what you’re going through. No claim is the same, and every dog bite case is essential to us. No dog attack is too small. No dog attack is too big for our dog bite lawyers to handle in Fort Myers. Call us right now to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys. Every consultation is free, and we service dog attack victims all over Ontario. Call us today at (239) 747-7473 for a free consultation or visit us at 9160 Forum Corporate Parkway, Suite 350, Fort Myers, FL 33905.

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If you had been the victim of a dog attack, the first thing you should do is get medical help. Your doctors will want to give you immunizations as soon as possible to prevent you from contracting rabies or any other infectious disease. In order to investigate the attack, you should also call your local authorities for animal control. It’s common to realize that the animal which attacked you isn’t a first-time offender and has previously been assaulted. Even more concerning is the number of repeat dog owners who have dogs that have previously attacked. This shows that it is the owner, not the animal, who is to blame.

Cuts, scars, soft tissue damage, broken bones, and other little injuries can happen from dog bites and attacks. But sometimes, it’s the injuries we can’t see which hurt the most. Psychological trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, fear of dogs, nightmares, panic attacks, and other psychological injuries are common to a victim of a severe dog bite or dog attack.

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Though many people consider dogs to be man’s best friend, the truth is that when they bite or attack, they can cause serious harm. Dog bite victims are frequently left with physical injuries and high medical bills, and lost pay due to missed work, pain, and suffering that can have a long-term detrimental impact on their quality of life. You don’t have to go through this challenging period alone, thankfully. Our firm’s dog bite lawyers have assisted countless injury victims in getting their lives back on track following an accident. We are a seasoned legal team with a track record of successfully resolving dog bite cases. We’ve assisted a number of victims in receiving the compensation they deserved for their losses. We can answer your questions and advise you on all your legal rights to make an informed decision on the best way forward. Call us at (239) 747-7473 to learn more about how we can help you with your case.

Common Questions About Dog Bite Lawsuit

Who is responsible for my injuries caused by a dog bite?

Dog owners are responsible for keeping their dogs under control, which means they must comply with local and state leash rules as well as dog bite legislation. A person who lets their dog off the leash or owns a dog that attacks another person may be held accountable for medical costs and pain and suffering. A person who has a dangerous dog could face criminal charges, which could include jail time and fines. Dog leash laws and dog bite laws vary by state, so make sure you’re familiar with the rules in yours.

What kind of compensation may I get if a dog bites me?

Medical expenses and lost wages (if you were unable to work), pain and suffering, and scars may all be recoverable. If you engage with our firm, our experts can determine the exact amount of compensation you are entitled to.

What if a dog belonging to a friend or neighbor bit me?

Many people are bitten by dogs that they know — pets that belong to family or friends. It can put you in a hard situation: you’re afraid about suing a friend while requiring money to pay for medical treatment bills. The good news is that dog bite lawsuits are usually filed against the dog owner’s renters or homeowners insurance company rather than against the dog owner personally.

What to do if the dog’s owner wants to talk to me about my injuries?

We advise you not to discuss your injuries or medical treatment with anybody other than an expert personal injury lawyer. You should only exchange contact information and obtain the dog’s license number with the owner. Don’t sign anything the owner provides you, and don’t write them anything.

What if I was bitten while on the job at a client’s house?

When someone requests or hires you to work on their property, it’s usually the property owner’s legal responsibility to keep you safe. If they have a dog, they must notify you of its presence and may be required to confine the dog at times. If you’re attacked by a dog while working at someone’s house, you should call an experienced injury attorney immediately; you may have a workers’ compensation case as well.

What if I don’t know who the owner of the dog that bit me is?

If you had been bitten by a dog and didn’t know who the owner is, you should contact animal control as quickly as possible. You’ll need to provide them a detailed description of the dog so that they can track down the dog owner.

Stages of Dog Bite Lawsuits

If you have suffered a recent dog bite attack, you should seek medical attention. If the injuries are very serious and you can’t pay the medical bills on your own, the best solution to get out of this problem is to file a lawsuit against the person liable (dog owner).

  • You should contact an experienced and professional lawyer who has experience with dog bite cases. Hiring an attorney is essential because to win a dog bite case, you have to prove that the dog owner was liable and delighted. Our lawyer will help you with your case and win you a great amount of compensation. The attorney we will provide will be one of the finest attorneys in our firm specializing in dog bite cases.
  • Following a discussion with your lawyer, he will assist you in gathering evidence to support your claim in the lawsuit. Photos of your injuries, pictures of the accident scene, copies of your medical records, and your medical bills are all examples of evidence you may be requested to gather. Your lawyer will also want to verify any witnesses’ names and contact information for the dog bite incident. If your case gets to trial, these witnesses may be called to testify.
  • Once the evidence has been gathered, your attorney will formulate a demand letter informing the dog owner of your intention to file a claim, stating the reason for your lawsuit, providing information about the evidence you have, and describing the injuries you have sustained and the expenses you have incurred. It may also include a settlement amount that you are willing to accept in order to avoid going to trial.
  • If the dog owner agrees with the dog bite settlement amount, the case will be closed, and you will receive the money you sought. However, he or she may respond with a counteroffer to reduce your initial settlement offer. The situation will be resolved if you accept the counteroffer. If you don’t agree, your lawyer may continue negotiating with the dog owner until you both agree on a price.
  • If you and the dog owner will be unable to reach an agreement, you may choose to file a strong lawsuit against the dog owner to seek compensation for your injuries. The trial can take a long time since it involves many steps and may include numerous motions that cause the decision to be delayed. The trial will start with the selection of a jury. The lawyers will next present their opening statements one by one.
  • Following that, there follows a period of giving testimony and summoning witnesses to the stand. Your lawyer will use evidence and witness testimony to show that the dog owner is responsible for the dog’s behavior, which resulted in your injuries. The closing arguments of each attorney bring the trial to a close. After that, the jury deliberates. After reaching a decision, the jury enters the courtroom, giving their verdict, and bringing the trial to a close.