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Child sexual abuse cases must be handled with the utmost sensitivity, and abuse victims need someone who offers both ample legal knowledge and compassionate understanding of the emotional ramifications of a child sexual abuse lawsuit. At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we can provide the types of legal advocacy you are looking for. We are a collection of Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys who represent individuals and families who have been the victims of child sexual abuse. If you have been the victim of abuse and wish to file a civil lawsuit to recover compensation from the organization that failed to stop the abuse or that put an abuser in a position to hurt you, we are here to help. Child sexual abuse victims often experience significant long-lasting psychological harm as a result of the abuse they endure. This emotional trauma and the consequences have a real cost, both in terms of financial loss and in terms of the ongoing emotional pain that a victim suffers. Like many situations where a person suffers at the hands of another, victims of child sexual abuse may file a civil lawsuit against the parties responsible. When an organization facilitates abuse by improperly supervising the people they put in charge of children, by reasonably failing to follow hiring guidelines, or even by looking the other way, they need to pay for this.

What You Need to Know

In the state of Florida, a civil lawsuit is different from a criminal action. Criminal actions are brought by a prosecutor and are intended to make the defendant pay for the crime he has committed against the state by breaking the law. Civil lawsuits, on the other hand, are private legal actions in which one party uses the court system to make the other person pay for what he or she has done. There are many important differences between civil and criminal cases, including the fact that you have a lower burden of proof in a civil case. In a criminal case, the prosecutor has to demonstrate guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but in a civil case, the plaintiff only has to prove the defendant is, more likely than not, liable for harm. The purposes of civil and criminal action also differ. A criminal action, for example, is brought to punish the abuser. When you file a civil lawsuit for child sexual abuse, on the other hand, you can recover financial compensation from the organization that allowed or facilitated the abuse or that looked the other way when there were clear signs of abuse. This type of lawsuit allows you to make those responsible pay for what was allowed to occur. Child sexual abuse civil lawsuits are a way for victims to face the organizations that are indirectly responsible for the abuse and ask the judicial system to require those responsible parties to provide them with financial compensation for their damages. Although child sexual abuse victims may no longer show lasting physical effects of the abuse that happened a long time ago, the emotional scars are no less real than the physical scars someone experiences in a car accident or other personal injury case. Abuse victims deserve their chance to make the responsible organization pay – especially since the criminal justice system usually doesn’t – and our Fort Lauderdale child sexual abuse lawyers will help victims take action.

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*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

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How Much Can Steinger, Greene & Feiner Get You?

In child sexual abuse cases, the verdicts are often large in recognition of the serious emotional trauma that abuse can cause. It is not uncommon for victims of abuse to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, distrust, addiction, insomnia, depression, or other manifestations of emotional harm. Organizations that intentionally or negligently empowered abusers may be required to pay large sums of money to victims in an attempt to provide the victims with some measure of compensation for the heinous behavior. If you or a loved one has been the victim of child sexual abuse and you want your chance to make the organization pay, contact our caring Fort Lauderdale child sexual abuse attorneys today to find out how we can help.

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