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When you have been injured or have contracted an occupational disease due to your work, you may need a professional looking out for you. Dealing with the red tape of a state workers’ compensation system can be frustrating, confusing, and tedious. Yet your health recovery and your financial security may depend on it.

At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, our Miami workers’ compensation lawyers as well as the rest of our professional team understand the difficulties you face. We handle those difficulties on a routine basis for clients in the greater Miami area. We get results because we have the experience, commitment, and resources to go to bat for you. Our team wants you to secure all of the benefits the law allows and we will take every legal measure to achieve that.


Our attorneys have been helping the injured in Florida for more than a decade. We have represented thousands of injury victims since 1997. Many of these accident and injury victims have been hurt or become sick through work-related activities.

The first thing on your mind after an injury or illness has occurred is how your medical condition will affect your short-term and long-term health and ability to support yourself and your family. Additionally, you may be wondering how your employer will respond to your injury and claim, whether you will get the compensation you are owed, and whether your employment will be jeopardized by the time you may need away from work.


Your Miami workers’ compensation lawyer at Steinger, Greene & Feiner understands all of these concerns and will take the necessary steps to relieve you of the worries that can add to an already troublesome time. We will address all of your concerns and questions even as we set about fully protecting your rights. We work diligently in advancing claims throughout all steps of the process, from initial claim to appeal. You don’t have to take less than you are due or be subject to an unfair denial. We will apply all of our considerable knowledge, skills, and experience to your case at every turn.


Whether your temporary disability is a partial or total one or you have sustained a permanent disability, our firm knows how to help you get the benefits you need, from medical treatment to compensation for lost wages. Workplace injuries can occur in any occupation, from the construction industry to manufacturing and maritime employment. Injuries from accidents and repetitive motion activities can occur as well as diseases caused by occupational hazards such as chemical exposure. Whatever the cause, our firm has the legal ability to get the results you need from any valid claim.


We will meet you anywhere, at home, at work, at the hospital or a location convenient to you to discuss your case. We offer a free consultation to help you get started. Our advice, guidance, and support can make all the difference in peace of mind and financial security for you and your family. Contact us for a review of your claim situation today.

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At Steinger, Greene and Feiner, our experienced personal injury lawyers have the strong legal backgrounds and extensive legal knowledge that you need to have the best chance of a successful personal injury claim. Whether you are negotiating a settlement outside of court or proving your claim to a jury, you can trust us to use our legal skills to help you get the best outcome possible.