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Motorcycles are both fun and practical, and many people enjoy using motorbikes for commuting or simply for the pleasure of the ride. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle can also be dangerous, and one of the biggest risks to motorcyclists is other drivers on the road who do not know how to safely share road space. When a motorist breaks a safety rule or makes a careless or dangerous decision near a motorcycle, the driver could cause a serious accident or even a fatal crash.
If the driver hurts a motorcyclist or a motorcycle passenger because of careless or wrongful actions, that driver must be held accountable and made to compensate the motorcycle accident victim. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle crash, you need to assert your legal rights and take action to make the driver live up to his or her responsibility and cover your losses. An experienced Florida motorcycle accident lawyer at Steinger, Greene & Feiner can help accident victims pursue a claim against the driver for monetary damages.

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*Amounts before attorney and medical fees and costs. Each case is unique - clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.

Making a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycle riders have a legal right to obtain compensation in any situation where a driver was negligent in a way that led to a motorcycle crash. A motorcyclist can prove that a driver was negligent by showing either:

  • That the driver broke a safety rule of the road, such as by exceeding the speed limit or running a red light OR
  • That the driver was unreasonably careless in operating the vehicle, falling below the level of care that a hypothetical reasonable driver would have exhibited in the same situation.

The motorcycle rider will also need to show that the motorist’s negligence was a direct cause of an accident that led to injuries. The motorcycle rider has to show all of these things by a preponderance of the evidence in order to convince a jury to hold the driver responsible in a personal injury claim. With Florida being #1 in motorcycle accidents, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help the injured rider gather the necessary evidence to prove all elements of a case. Of course, not every motorcycle accident claim gets to court. Many settle before a trial begins, with the insurance company of the driver who caused the crash agreeing to pay to resolve the case out of court. If you are negotiating a settlement, the experienced attorneys at Steinger, Greene & Feiner can work to get you the largest amount of money possible by using our negotiating skills and our knowledge of motorcycle accident cases.

Compensation For Motorcycle Accident Claims

Drivers who cause motorcycle crashes must cover all losses that are a direct result of their negligence or wrongdoing. This includes compensating the injured motorcycle rider, a passenger, or his or her surviving family members for:

The specific amount of damages or compensation is going to vary based on many factors, such as how strong your case is, how bad your injuries are, the amount of insurance the responsible driver had, and whether you sue or settle. Having an accomplished motorcycle accident attorney can also be advantageous, as your lawyer can help you make a strong case so you have an optimal chance of maximizing your compensation.View our motorcycle accident FAQ here for more information.

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The money you obtain from your motorcycle accident claim needs to be enough to pay your medical bills and ensure you can have a good quality of life, despite your serious injuries or the loss of a beloved family member. Ensuring you are fully and fairly compensated is extremely important. Contact us at one of our offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, Fort MyersOrlando, Okeechobee to request a free, no-obligation consultation.