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6When you use any consumer product, you expect it to be safe and free from defects. Unfortunately, with the vast number of products on the market at any given time, that is not always the case. If you’ve been injured or have suffered other financial losses due to using a defective or unsafe product, you should be compensated for those injuries and losses. Steinger, Greene & Feiner, serving people throughout Florida, is a law firm that will do everything possible to see that you receive the compensation you deserve. Our firm has been in practice since 1997 protecting the rights and best interests of Floridians through injury claims and lawsuits. With our proven experience, dedication to results, and extensive resources, we can help you take appropriate legal action after suffering the adverse consequences of a dangerous or faulty product.

Defective Product Liability Laws

Any product can lead to a liability claim against the manufacturer or distributor, from a grocery product to cars or their component parts, appliances, electronics, cosmetics, prescription drugs, medical devices, and more. Often these products are placed on the market without safety tests or clinical trials to discover potential defects, dangers, or side effects. They are then used by consumers across the country who will experience their adverse effects later through injuries, property damage, or other losses. Once such adverse effects are reported to manufacturers, the FDA, or the Consumer Product Safety Commission, only then are they recalled to ensure the safety of others. Those who have already been harmed must then be proactive in pursuing their legal rights under state and federal laws.

Strict Liability

Defective product liability laws put strict liability on manufacturers, which means they may be held legally responsible for any injuries or losses their products incur. Products may be defective through manufacturing flaws, design flaws, or marketing flaws which consist of a failure to warn or to provide proper instructions to users. Under these laws, you can pursue a claim for damages that may include:

  • Damages for medical expenses
  • Lost income due to lost time at work or loss of earning potential
  • Other financial losses
  • Non-financial losses such as pain and suffering or emotional distress
  • Wrongful death damages in cases where a loved one has died

In some cases, many consumers may have been harmed through the use of the same product. This can lead to class-action lawsuits by hundreds or thousands of victims or multidistrict litigation where one judge oversees all separate cases.

How Steinger, Greene & Feiner Can Help

You may be uncertain after a defective product injury or loss as to the validity of your potential claim, who is ultimately responsible, or how to legally address the situation. Those are all questions and issues which can be resolved by our firm. After reviewing your situation, we can advise you on the best way to approach it from a legal standpoint. We can also begin working on investigating and building your claim for best results. You can get started with your potential Florida defective product claim through a free case consultation. We’re available 24/7 for assistance.

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