How does someone claim a recall on a vehicle?

A recall letter should be sent to each person who purchased that particular automobile and in the letter there will be a description of the defect or the problem, there will be a listing of the risks posted by the problem, including the types of injuries that it can cause, there will be a list of potential warning signs. It will tell you how the manufacturer plans to fix the problem, including when the repair will be available and how long it will take, and instructions on what you should do next.

Normally, you will be instructed to call your local dealer to set up a repair appointment. If you don’t receive a letter, you can search through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s site and the manufacturer’s still obligated to repair the defect. The site is updated usually before the actual letters go out, so if you look at the site it’ll tell you what steps to follow in order to get your vehicle repaired.