What Are The Symptoms Of Rabies From A Dog Bite

After the first exposure from a dog bite, the symptoms of itching or discomfort like pins and needles pricking the skin occur at the dog bite area. In addition, the person may develop a fever and headaches; these symptoms usually last anywhere from two days to potentially weeks. There’s an acute phase of the disease and that begins to set in any time from two days and longer. The National Institute of Health suggest that the average incubation or latent incubation period can last anywhere from three to seven weeks but those symptoms may not appear for even longer. Other symptoms that you may have if you’ve contracted rabies from a bite include anxiety, stress or tension, delirium, convulsions, extreme sensation at the bite site, hallucinations, loss of feeling in that area of the body or loss of muscle function, fevers, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling, difficulty swallowing. If the symptoms persist it is potentially fatal so you need to seek treatment as quickly as possible from the time you have been bitten.